MES shop floor notifications

Three important shop floor alerts for plant managers

MES systems can include real time notifications to keep managers abreast of critical situations on the shop floor.


Speed of information on the shop floor is critical in getting the most out of the facility. While many think Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) only do data collection and job sequencing, a properly set up MES can also be the oracle that helps plant managers and engineers react quickly to impending issues.

The MV2 MES has a robust alert capability that can be set up to be that beacon. We’ve focused on a few of the more important notifications the MES can be configured to provide, below.

Work center down notifications

Getting alerts on machines or work centers going down in real-time is extremely important. The time between when the work center goes down and when action is taken to correct the situation could sum to a meaningful amount of lost productivity. Many firms simply do not have this capability but a properly set up MES like MV2 can be set up to send instantaneous notifications to proper personnel when machines go down.

Kanban critical stock notifications

Pull systems work great, until they run out of parts. Then they wait like every other manufacturing system. Putting a notification in place when Kanban operations reach certain part quantity thresholds can reduce wait times on the floor. MV2 can set up to alert as these bins become empty and can even alert Purchasing when more parts should be ordered.

Non-conforming notifications

When parts are starting to be made out of spec, the faster a manager can learn of this issue the faster it can get resolved. Getting a notification that quality events are occurring in real time can be the difference between a shift or longer of unusable parts and throughput to plan. It also can be the difference between a few days of maintenance and a week or more of waiting for repair parts and specialists.

These are just three notifications a properly set up MES can provide to production managers. At Paper-Less, we know managers need not only alerts but the right notifications to make sure everything runs smoothly on the shop floor. It’s why we’ve added these and other real time monitoring and control into our MV2 product.

If you’re looking to learn more about how an MES can get you real-time visibility on your shop floor through notifications or other ways, contact us today.

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