Configure, price, quote (CPQ) is software that provides visual, rule-based configuration for products to accelerate quoting for customers. CPQ allows customers to customize products based on real-time availability and provides error-free pricing. This technology modernizes the sales process by leveraging art visualization tools to enhance customers’ and prospects’ online buying experience.

Multiple visualization capabilities

A powerful tool for salespeople and customers is CPQ’s personalized interactive product visuals. Finding software that has the capability to do multiple visualization and configuration techniques such as 2D and 3D is crucial. The advanced visual ability makes it easy for organizations to configure even the most complex products while presenting them in an aesthetically pleasing way.

cpq graphic capabilities

Reliable AI price optimization

The most vulnerable section of the sales process for error is pricing. The error can occur with sales reps misquoting, returns, and item errors. A quality CPQ system will be able to price products accurately, no matter how complex with the power of artificial intelligence. The software should have the flexibility to do advanced filtering and bundling with all your products. This allows even the newest sales employee to quote prices accurately and quickly to customers, with zero error.


The intention of a CPQ system is to streamline and strengthen the overall sales process. Before investing in a system, compatibility needs to be checked to see if the CPQ software can communicate with your ERP system and CRM software. The cycle is completed if information inputted by the sales team can be sent directly to an ERP system for order generation, and then communicate the sale to a CRM system.

Infor CPQ

At ISE we offer Infor CPQ to be integrated with the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Infor CPQ has all the above features of multiple visualization capabilities, AI price optimization, and compatibility. Infor CPQ can do 2D parametric drawing generation, 3D interactive product models, comprehensive proposals, shop drawings creation, and augmented reality. During the quoting process customized computer-aided design (CAD) models are also generated without manual drawing during the quoting process.

Infor CPQ improves order accuracy by decreasing the chance of incorrect price quoting with its self-quoting functionality. The software dynamically creates customized bills of materials and routings as the order is taken and then automatically send them to the ERP system without manual re-keying. This eliminates the possibility of errors creeping through the manual bill of material (BOM) creation process. Infor CPQ was designed with the diversity of manufacturing software in mine. The system can be integrated alongside Infor (and non-Infor) ERPs. The software offers a direct bridge between sales, operations, and executive departments.

Success in the digital world is heavily reliant on setting up a seamless user experience. When deciding on which CPQ software to implement consider the visual capabilities, price rules, and compatibility.

If you’re interested in streamlining your organization’s sales process, please contact us today.

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