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What is a Computerized Maintenance and Management System?

A Computerized Maintenance and Management System (CMMS) is a software package that assists in executing machine upkeep operations on a shop floor. CMMS keeps accurate maintenance schedules, stores data for regulatory compliance, and tracks assigned and completed tasks.

The amount of time a firm invests managing machine issues becomes a thing of the past with this technology platform. Running a successful manufacturing company will require functionality like these packages provide to achieve machine uptime goals.

The benefit of CMMS in the Manufacturing Sector

When machines break down, production operations are greatly affected. Processes that are executed at slower production speeds are another great threat to a manufacturer’s bottom line. On the other hand, maintenance and repair management with paper-based systems may be detrimentally inefficient due to the inefficiencies of manual workflows.

CMMS provides a digital solution to a company marred by slowdowns and machine stoppages by automating the management of the processes and scheduling of maintenance actions. With software management of processes, maintenance can be timely, verifiable and monitored for issues that may develop over time. CMMS systems may also take care of the ordering of external Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) activities.

Improving Worker Safety

Failure to have a solid and reliable maintenance data system threatens production chain performance as well as workers' lives. Poorly maintained or compliance-checked machines create unfortunate situations where the life of operators become at risk.

However, with the installation of CMMS software, machines and systems can have a clear and predictable maintenance schedule. At the same time, inspection becomes easier, and detecting parts that need replacement also becomes faster. Embracing this technology is one way of reducing downtime and insurance costs due to workplace accidents.

Tracking MRO Work Orders

Manufacturing CMMS software can prioritize the execution of tasks among maintenance staff and operators. The technicians, operators, and engineers can digitally submit their maintenance requests. In addition, the staff can mark jobs complete or in progress within the software, while management can easily know where urgent attention is needed.

The system keeps clear documentation of the history of repairs, user manuals, and operational checklists. Retrieval of this data is also easier when the company wants to rely on it to make maintenance or wear part ordering plans.

Optimizing Spare Parts and Inventory Management

Managing and tracking MRO inventory is instrumental in the manufacturing industry's overall performance. Usually, there is a regular purchase to be made, a spare part needed, meaning huge sums of money are involved. Arbitrary purchases can be very costly as expenses may exceed the returns. The CMMS automation feature can tell whether there is overstocking or understocking and produce inventory when needed for decision making.

Regulatory Compliance and Audit

Non-compliance with the standards set by the authorities, such as the EPA or OSHA, can lead to business serious business issues. However, paper-based files are converted to a digital archive through the CMMS software. This allows officials to easily certify compliance. Moreover, the system allows internal and external auditors to inspect a company’ maintenance records, giving the true condition of capital items.

Having this information readily available allows for insurance providers and financial institutions to arrive at more accurate valuations for expansion matters or acquiring adequate coverage.

How to Get the Right Manufacturing CMMS Solution

One should do extensive research to know what exactly is in need from the software. If the objective is to increase the company production, prevent the machines from breakdown, and secure the company data, installing CMMS software isn't an option but a requirement.

There are at least four stages that a person should follow to secure the correct software package for their needs.

  • Highlight the prevailing challenges in the current maintenance system.
  • Map out the aspects required in the CMMS to make it easier to deal with the specific management needs.
  • Consider the availability of various resources the company needs to ensure the software is successfully operational in the plant. Some of the resources include competent IT personnel in charge of the system, compatible interfaces located on the production floor and adequate planning for the on-boarding of staff as the system comes online.

In searching for a suitable CMMS, important to narrow down the available choices that meet the firm’s requirements for comparison and evaluation. It’s also important to find a CMMS that can integrate with other manufacturing systems like the firm’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and its Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

If you’re looking to get better control over your operations – whether through maintenance or other functional areas – contact us today. We would be happy to be a guide in getting the most out of your production operations.

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