Staying on Top in a Competitive Global Market

Allied Machine & Engineering Corporation Leverages Paper-Less To Improve Their Manufacturing Process

Established in 1941, Allied has a history of exceeding customer expectations with innovative technologies and products and serves all facets of manufacturing, including aerospace, defense, agriculture, automotive, heavy equipment, general machining, machine tool, mining, petrochemical, energy, renewable energy, structural steel, tool and die and water treatment industries.

The Challenge: A Highly Competitive Global Market  

To maintain their edge in the highly competitive world market, Allied partnered with Paper-Less, LLC to achieve optimum levels of efficiency throughout their manufacturing process. Allied has benefitted from time savings, increased labor reporting accuracy, better material lot control, minimized inventory errors, and reduced scrap and re-cut processes. Allied reports numerous ongoing benefits from using Paper-Less as described in this case study.

Improved Labor Reporting 

“There are several areas where tracking and reporting have been made significantly easier,” explains Jennifer Horner, Project Manager for Allied. “For example, labor reporting is much more reliable. More accurate data has allowed us to focus attention and resources on problem areas to improve our performance. Paper-Less has increased intra-departmental communications and simplified communication overall.”

Increased Inventory Accuracy 

Horner also points to a positive impact on inventory, which she attributes to Paper-Less. “Inventory accuracy has increased due to a reduction in transaction errors by 25 – 30%,” says Horner. “We’ve also experienced greater lot traceability.”

Electronic Kanban Management 

In addition, Paper-Less has allowed Allied to electronically manage kanban systems in various departments and enhance lot control, reduce scrap, and lessen re-cut processes. “We’ve noticed a significant reduction in the time required to issue replacement orders for scrapped parts,” Horner notes. “Our recovery time is a lot quicker.”

Easy To Use 

Horner also is able to report positive experiences in the implementation process and staff training. “Generally, the implementation of Paper-Less was easy, and our associates quickly grasped any changes,” she explains. “Due to the simple user interface, new associates have not experienced any struggles in learning the labor reporting process and as a result, the training time dedicated to Paper-Less can be kept to a minimum.”


“We have used Paper-Less products for many years,” concludes Horner. “I would recommend Paper-Less to anyone in the market for a similar solution. Their support has been exceptional.”

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