MV2 Shop Floor Management

Your Shop Floor Visibility and Velocity Solution

Track labor up to 63% better

Efficiently utilize your workforce with our labor tracking features. MV2 provides the ability to ‘clock in’ to specific jobs through a touchscreen. This allows managers to understand how labor time is spent in real-time and the ability to analyze labor usage over time.
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Reduce Downtime on the shopfloor

MV2 provides managers alerts when machines or work centers enter downtime situations. That means actions can be taken quickly rather than finding out issues have developed only at the end of shifts or work weeks.
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Up to 27% less scrap

With MV2 managers can receive immediate alerts to failure rate increases and connect these failures to specific inventory batches. MV2 can help you take it a step further by tracing labor resources to scrap production t pinpoint the source of scrap.
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Remove paper on the shop floor

MV2 can replace shop floor paperwork for Kanban cards, labor tracking paperwork, and quality and testing processes. MV2 can collect all this information as it happens and present it immediately. These capabilities increase data reporting density, speed of information, overall production quality, and throughput.
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MV2 has Multi-Vendor Compatability

MV2's ERP system compatibility has been tested and integrated with a number of ERP systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Epicor, and Oracle. If your ERP system is not featured, our ISE integration services are highly experienced at connecting MV2 shop floor management functionality to other ERP systems.
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Digital Work Instructions

Work instructions, job packets or travelers can be distributed digitally to work centers to reduce errors and increase production throughput. Information will be up to date, accurate, and can be presented in multiple media formats (pictures, videos, pdf's).
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MV2 is the data hub in Industry 4.0 transitions 

With IIoT manufacturing data, managers can get a next-level understanding of what's happening on the shop floor. MV2 has been purpose-built to collect not just machine data but information about human-based processesinventory, and materials operations. All this data is stored in a single database that can be accessed by managers or through customized applications.

The system is designed to bring all recorded production data together in one place and display it in real-time or over time. No more waiting for data dump from certain departments or collating paper forms.


Deeply Integrated with Manufacturing Operations

Digital work instructions, work cell scheduling, Manufacturing monitoring

A software platform which connects, monitors and coordinates complex manufacturing systems, data flows, as well as people on a shop floor. The main goal of an MES is to oversee and synchronize the execution of manufacturing operations and improve production output of the factory.

MES helps shop floor workers focus their time on doing, rather than reading and typing. Minimizing input utilizing touchscreens, bar codes and “predictive” transactions (that only need confirmation, not data entry), workers will save keystrokes and footsteps.

Effectively Manage Shop Floor Operations

Get real time data on production operations in one place with MV2. Use that data within MV2 to effectively schedule orders and shop floor resources including work centers, machines, workers, inventory and WIP. Find out immediately when machines go down or look at historical performance data to locate inefficiencies.

A Partnership You Can Trust

We support our customers across the entire service life of our MES systems. From providing on-site analysis of our customer’s needs and processes to following that up with software integration and training at the customer’s facilities, we are invested in our customer’s success. Learn more about our integration process, customer service capabilities and our XTend services that can develop extensions to customize installations to support specialized processes and needs.

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