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Value Engineering

Getting the most out of your technology investment.

In business today, it is paramount that mission critical systems and processes be aligned with sound technological strategies. Our Value Engineering team will help identify, quantify, and realize the value of your technology and ERP investment. Our Value Engineering Workshops, conducted on-site, at your location, begin with our experts examining selected processes in your organization. This discovery enables us to pinpoint opportunities that will help you leverage your existing investments.

Our Value Engineering workshops follow a structured thought Process that is based exclusively on what something does, not what it is. When you engage ISE for a Value Engineering workshop, we follow these basic steps.


Improvement Opportunities

This step provides time for our experts to pinpoint opportunities that will allow you to leverage your existing practices, significantly impact your current processes, and better understand and use your technology investments.

Go-Forward Roadmap

Here we will provide you with a deliverable that describes our findings, quantifies opportunities and provides next-steps in how to improve your current state.

Current State

This step allows our experts to analyze your processes with your team members and uncover the pains that constrain your business.


ISE’s digital organization is comprised of a large team of outstanding
individuals. On our Value Engineering team, we have:



Jim has 20 plus years of Infor XA implementation, project management and application development experience. Jim has been working with Infor XA and its associated business processes since 1998 and has a unique variety of skills and experiences in large, international, multi-site IBM and Infor XA companies. Jim has a very strong financial, application development, project management, training and implementation background.


Dave’s background includes over 30 years of experience with Infor XA as both an end-user and consultant. Working within a team environment, Dave has participated and led numerous implementation and process improvement projects in single and multi-site companies. During his career, Dave has been involved with engineering, inventory control, material planning, procurement, shop floor scheduling, customer service and shipping processes within numerous organizations.

Shop Floor

Joe has a strong manufacturing background and has held a variety of positions working in the chemical and food industries during his 20 plus years of experience. He has worked as a Process Chemist, a Continuous Improvement Black Belt, and a Continuous Improvement Black Belt Engineer. He holds a Black Belt Lean Six Sigma certification and has led numerous process improvement/OEE projects.

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