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ISE offers a full range of practical skills and a team of highly experienced consultants that provide a wealth of development and support resources.  

What We Do

    • RPG, RPG II, RPG III, RPG/400, RPG IV, RPGLE, RPG Open Access
    • IBM System/36, System/38, AS/400, iSeries, Systemi, Power7, Power8, Power9
    • OS/400, IBMi, CL, DB2, MSSQL
    • Infor Enterprise Integrator and System Link
    • .Net Framework, VB.NET, and/or C#.NET
    • .NET Framework in C#, MVC, Web Forms, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, Javascript, LINQ
    • Database development (SQL, JDBC)
    • HTML, CSS, Angular, Typescript
    • MS Transact SQL (T-SQL) 
    • MS Visual Studio, SQL Management Studio, Azure DevOps, and Git 
    • SQL Reporting Services

What It Means

While delivering our services we ensure quality through a structured approach of active project management.  Our implementation methodology forms the framework for a smooth and timely delivery of services and highlights our key strengths.

    • Design, Develop, Test, and Deploy
    • Use of industry standards, best practices and procedures
    • Experts in communications
    • Strong technology competency
    • Expertise in various business solutions


• One-stop shop​, End-to-end solutions from single relationship

• 30+ years of experience

• Staff size - 5 professional developers and systems consultants

• ​Reliable and efficient

• Extensive in-house testing and quality assurance

• ​Exceptional in-house personal retention rate

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