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Rapid Applications

ISE has taken steps to improve Infor XA user productivity in Native Power-Link. Utilizing Enterprise Integrator we’ve made strides to make your experience more intuitive & efficient. Many still use green screen to implement and utilize important functions; let our RAPID Applications take your ERP investment to the next level.

Below are seven examples of ISE’s commitment to your company’s ERP investment. These applications can now be purchased individually or as one 7-peice software bundle.

RAPID Outside Operations

Our completely upgrade safe RAPID XA Outside Operations sets up a new transaction which creates XA Outside Operations Detail records from both PDM and/or EPDM Routing Operation records. RAPID XA Outside Operations also sets up a custom control file to manage default settings used when creating new Outside Operations Detail records. These can also be maintained via the Change, Quick Change and Delete functions.

RAPID MRP Item Requirements Inquiry

ISE has moved Item requirements into Power-Link which makes the best inquiry in XA even better. Accessed by item from the Item Warehouse Object, it displays all requirements and planned orders for any item over time, along with projected inventory levels. Finally, you get the trusty Item Requirements Inquiry in Power-Link and you can quickly export the data into Excel if need be.

RAPID PO Receipt

When receiving multiple items from a purchase order at the same time, previously each single line item needed to be received separately. Instead, in RAPID PO Receipt, receive items by exception, as complete, or as partials. Or indicate that an item was missing from the delivery.
We’ve also added color coding so you can easily locate the status of a purchase order line item. Audit Reports (included with PO Receipt) clearly show which items were successfully received, the quantity received, which items were not on the delivery, as well as which line items encountered an error.

RAPID Item Warehouse Create

Most companies have multiple warehouses and locations from which they manage, store and ship product. This is a productivity issue for most companies. RAPID Item Warehouse Create increases productivity by eliminating the need to create each Item Warehouse record individually by instead creating multiple Item Warehouse records at the same time.
In an included control file, you can set the default Item Class & Item Accounting Class codes to be copied to all Item Warehouse records and whether Item Warehouse records are created for miscellaneous items. In addition, an audit report can be generated to show all the records created during the process.

RAPID Customer Order Backlog

XA provides essential customer order requirements. Effectively communicating demand to order fulfillment for procurement, manufacturing and shipping. Customer order demand is a valuable element for any business. Knowledge of customer order backlog is also important.
Future backlog is essential in showing if order intake is on point. However, nothing in standard XA allows you to easily view this important information. With RAPID Customer Order Backlog, you can quickly look at customer order demand aged by month. The built-in summaries and graphical views provide a quick analytical display of your company backlog.

XASPLF (XA Spool Files)

This will allow you to define a number of retention days for your XA reports when they are next generated. Additionally, it will find those XA reports on your system in output queues and set their retention days as well. So, it “cleans up” the XA reports you already have and sets things up for all future reporting to continue the “cleanup”. Existing XA spooled files in your output queues having an expiration date will not be affected.

Normal MO Closeout

A normal manufacturing order close out requires that all labor and material be reported complete. But the process can be time consuming, and some organizations may consider this activity as non-value add. Others may resort to force closing manufacturing orders, which can cause other issues. This RAPID solution will process all needed transactions for a normal close with only a few clicks (= order status of 55).

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