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Managed Services

Place your IBM servers and business systems in experienced and trusted hands while freeing up on-site IT operations

ISE is offering remote management on Power Servers running IBM i

By handing IBM i server or to ISE's expert remote managers, you can free up on-site IT to focus on business objectives and reduce downtime risk. We can perform a number of functions from remote monitoring to handling software and OS upgrades.

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ISE remote system management services are available during standard business hours to make sure we’re there when customers need us most. To provide maximum uptime, our response times are typically under an hour for monitoring services. Other functions are available within 4-8 hours of notification for services that include system maintenance and upgrades or other non-emergency operations.

The Benefits of ISE IBM i Managed Services

benefits of managed services

Core System Monitoring Services

    • Printer Management
    • Application Job Management
    • IBM Administration Functions
    • Performance Monitoring
    • Support Services
    • Operating System-level User Authorization and Management
    • Application-level User Authorization and Management
    • Incident Management

Additional Services Available

    • System Patch Management
    • Application Patch Management
    • IBM Hardware Management Console (HMC) and LPAR Management
    • Backup Recovery Media Services

The above is only a partial list of services available through our remote-managed services department. Trust ISE’s nearly 40 years of experience in IBM enterprise systems and business systems integration and management.

Contact ISE today to learn about how we can help reduce the load on internal IT departments and keep your business systems running effectively.

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