ISE Engineered IT

ISE offers a full range of IT services and solutions that includes planning, implementing, maintaining, and upgrading your technology. ​

What We Do

​As your business grows in size and sophistication, your IT infrastructure needs to keep pace.  What worked a few years ago won't deliver the performance, reliability and security you need today.  Nor will it deliver the information access and collaboration features that today's workers require.  With the right enterprise architecture, you can support the speed, reliability and security your organization requires.  

What It Means


    • Server virtualization & consolidation
    • Server and network infrastructure for Hyper-V and VMware
    • Hyper-V and VMware version upgrades
    • Hardware and licensing configurations
    • ADFS integration for Infor OS implementations


    • Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware virtual environments
    • Server hypervisor and OS deployments
    • Virtual servers on local or SAN storage
    • Network switches for virtual LAN
    • Migration and upgrade services for Hyper-V and VMware
    • Implementation and configuration of ADFS and integration with Infor OS


    • Go-Live support for all project
    • T&M support available​
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