ISE Consulting

What Is It?

Our consulting resources use their industry & business expertise to help you incorporate best practices as you implement and use your ERP system. Our experts provide continual access to an expansive knowledge base that lets your company stay ahead of the curve and your competitors.


The Benefits of using ISE Consulting

Best Practices

ISE Consulting has deep expertise with both the software we sell and the industries we serve.  As a result, we are uniquely qualified to balance your business practices with the standard business practices that exist within your industry.

Change Management

Implementing and using an ERP system effectively requires your organization to embrace change and continuous improvement.  ISE consulting services works with you to identify organizational risks, create plans for preparing employees for change, and to ensure a smooth transition when implementing those changes.

Value Engineering

At ISE we use a systematic method that we term “As-is / To-be”.  It is based on Value Engineering.  It is a method to improve the “value” of your ERP system by using an examination of selected processes in your organization.  In most cases this practice identifies and removes unnecessary customizations that were previously thought needed, thereby increasing the “value” of your ERP system.

ISE offers a full range of practical skills and a team of highly experienced consultants that provide a wealth of development and support resources.  

What We Do

  • RPG, RPG II, RPG III, RPG/400, RPG IV, RPGLE, RPG Open Access
  • IBM System/36, System/38, AS/400, iSeries, Systemi, Power7, Power8, Power9
  • OS/400, IBMi, CL, DB2, MSSQL
  • Infor Enterprise Integrator and System Link
  • .Net Framework, VB.NET, and/or C#.NET
  • .NET Framework in C#, MVC, Web Forms, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, Javascript, LINQ
  • Database development (SQL, JDBC)
  • HTML, CSS, Angular, Typescript
  • MS Transact SQL (T-SQL) 
  • MS Visual Studio, SQL Management Studio, Azure DevOps, and Git 
  • SQL Reporting Services
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