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Supporting your technology investment is critical, and  your  needs can vary from day-to-day. Our professional  consulting team brings extensive industry experience. 

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15 professional consultants


We offer a combination of classroom and virtual training in  our offices and in yours.  Our education team partners with  you to ensure your users get maximum value.

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ISE Services

Project Management

Our project managers use their industry expertise and  strategic business knowledge to help you bring your  projects in on time and on budget.

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21 states and 5 provinces supported

No matter how complex your business is, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver the value you need for your enterprise resource planning system and associated applications.

ISE Services is a North-American organization currently supporting 16 states and 5 provinces.  We bring unparalleled business and technical expertise so that you'll receive the most value from your investment.  From tactical to strategic, you can rely on our professionals to turn your vision into reality.


We offer a full range of XA and IBM practical skills as well  as a wealth of development and support experience to  support any of your systems needs.

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Over 30 years of experience