Remote software management allows organizations to have an outside company remotely maintain their technology infrastructure. Some of the responsibilities of the outside company are installations, troubleshooting, monitoring, and much more.

Labor Shortages

Manufacturers across the world are having difficulty filling open job positions due to multiple reasons. A few reasons for the shortages can be attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic and the “great retirement” of baby boomers from the industry. The labor shortages don’t only affect the manufacturing sector, but the entire supply chain ecosystem that connects materials, consumers, manufacturers, and markets. Many companies are looking for ways to have reliable IT support, without overstretching their limited staff which inevitably leads to burnout.

Lower costs

A remote provider brings companies specific expert level skillsets to handle certain maintenance needs on an as-needed basis. This eliminates the costly and time consuming need to hire, train, and continuously teach an employee on IBM and XA management. As technology grows, so does it’s complexity and need for someone to stay current on the latest changes in the market.

ISE Managed Services

Here at ISE we offer managed services for manufacturing firms looking to free up their on-site IT operations. Allow us to manage your IBM iSeries servers and Infor XA systems remotely and trust your systems in the hands of our highly experienced remote managers. These services are available during standard business hours, with fast response times for system maintenance, upgrades, and other non-emergency operations. The flexibility lies in the option for companies to choose between hybrid-cloud high availability hosting, ISE cloud without high availability hosting, and ISE cloud with high availability hosting.  ISE has nearly 40 years of experience in IBM enterprise systems and business systems integration and management.

What our customers say: “Milwaukee Forge has been working with ISE for more than 20 years, for all technical requirements related to our IBM server and Infor XA.  Due to staffing changes and increased focus on our core competencies, 5 years ago we outsourced our day-to-day maintenance to ISE, with great success.  With ISE’s enhanced Managed Service offering, we now have proactive system monitoring in place, and are ensured of timely response from competent resources who know and understand our system, our priorities and our requirements. We are extremely pleased with the approach and the resources provided by ISE, and we’re confident of critical resources being available to us when they are most needed.”

-Tim McQuillan, Chief Financial Officer

If you’re interested in learning more, watch this in-depth Lunch & Learn “Managed Services IBM I Server Remote Management” or contact us today for an introductory call to learn more.

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