Release Version 5.4.11 of Paper-Less Manufacturing Execution System is now available

Release Version 5.4.11 of Paper-Less Manufacturing Execution System is now available

Paper-Less, LLC is pleased to announce the 5.4.11 release of our Paper-Less Manufacturing Execution System product. This release features more improvements to the system as well as changes that streamline its operation and resolve some defects.

This release brings several updates to the MES’ user interface. These changes are made to help streamline the delivery of information to users of the system. The updates include:

  • Expansion of the Job Details section of the Touchscreen interface to allow seven lines of information. This reduces scrolling and cut off text in the Job Details section.
  • Updated Portal Crew Maintenance to display a status indicator on the list of all crews to indicate if the crew is jobbed-on or not, without having to expand the crew to see the status.
  • Added the Workcenter Description to the workcenter cells displayed in the Andon Board dashboard component. This will provide viewers with an understanding of the process being performed at each workcenter.


  • MV2 AndOn shop floor management board

Behind the scenes, Paper-Less has also updated the Sync Status page to include a progress column. This new column of information shows the completion status of each sync process in real time. Administrators can now get a better understanding of how far along each process is, if it’s complete or if the process has stalled.

This Paper-Less update also includes several bug fixes, as well. These fixes address functional details with Inventory Balance records, within Shop Activity Management and QuickStop functionality.

These are just a few of the updates that have been made to the Paper-Less MES. More information is available on these and the other areas where we’ve focused on improving the system’s operation and performance for our customers. For a full list of enhancements and repairs, download a copy of the 5.4.11 Release Notes.

If you would like to schedule an installation of the release or have questions, please contact the Paper-Less Technical Support team at or 888.473.0800.

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