Reduce Costs With Infor CPQ

Allow your brand to overshadow competitors by establishing an effortless sales process that directly benefits business being conducted with distributors, dealers, and customers.

Overall, cost reductions will be seen by self-service quoting, systems that work together, and providing customers with visualization and verification through the implementation of Infor CPQ.

Infor CPQ’s software eliminates the possibility of costly human error. The error can lie between sales reps misquoting, item errors, and returns. Infor CPQ improves order accuracy by decreasing the likelihood of incorrect price quoting with the self-service quoting functionality. Companies have seen a 90 percent reduction in quote errors and 95 percent fewer order errors since implementing Infor CPQ software. When customers are making purchases through this automated system, it decreases the time needed to onboard new sales representatives. The saved time correlates with reducing the cost of product training. This certainty strengthens customer relationships and fosters trust because users know exactly what they’re getting and the projected costs.

Infor CPQ’s program can be integrated with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, which can streamline entire processes and strengthen multi-departmental communication. Infor CPQ was designed with manufacturers in mind, the system’s integration works alongside Infor (and non-Infor) ERPs. When these programs are conjoined, they can generate the correct SKUs, order information, routings, and manufacturing instructions. These abilities lead to fewer duplicate efforts being made by individual systems. The software offers a direct bridge between sales, operations, and company executives. Once a customer signs a quote the CPQ system recognizes that and down streams the information to other departments. Your sales team will directly benefit from the software because it only offers options based on availability. Combining Infor’s CPQ with your ERP minimizes operating costs while maximizing on-time production due to clear communication across all departments.

The end of the sales process is presenting the final product to the customer so they can visualize themselves with it. Infor’s CPQ system provides a visual not only for the customer but for the manufacturer as well and serves as verification to both on how the product should look. The software only allows customers to configure what you have available and what specifications those include. This decreases the likelihood of returns, costly rework, and scrap.

Infor ERG Process Infographic (1)

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