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Quality Management in Manufacturing

Quality Management Made Easier with a Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Quality management professionals are concerned about all aspects of production operations that impact quality performance and customer satisfaction.  The processes, tools and procedures all come under the spotlight when failures or deviations occur. Consistency in methods used throughout the manufacturing process fall under scrutiny of quality professionals.  Paper-Less’ manufacturing execution system, MV2, can help instill consistency into the process.  MV2 workflows enable quality to be built into the product by reducing process variability through checking results along the way, as well as after the fact in the quality lab.

Paper-Less MV2 MES software provides the means to test all products, for both finished and component items.  MV2 can also test processes or procedures to ensure planned activities are conducted as they were intended.  Deviations from specifications can be managed through our Non-conformance processing which can be launched automatically when failures are detected, or manually as needed.

Paper-Less’ quality capabilities are built into the standard integrated suite of production solutions and our workflows enable quality information to be gathered with minimal disruption to the production process.

With MV2, quality management professionals can gather data beyond simple pass/fail and variable tests, such as environmental data relevant to the test (i.e. temperature, humidity, pressure,etc). The information data may help discern patterns or trends in the results.

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