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XTend Services

Paper-Less "Xtend" High Value Projects

Paper-Less Xtend offers a collection of tried and true consulting projects that are proven by both experience and results to significantly benefit those who choose to execute them. 


At ISE and Paper-Less, we understand no manufacturing operation is exactly like another, so why should firms be forced to use the same manufacturing management software?

With this in mind, we offer the ability to customize our Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software offerings to more precisely fit the assembly, fabrication, or finishing processes your firm uses. From simple language changes to system-wide architectural modifications, our highly skilled programmers have been customizing our MES software to the specifications our customers desire for nearly a decade.

Our MES customization process starts with the customer and understanding their manufacturing reporting and control needs. That means understanding how their current production processes operate and what’s needed to fit the software more closely to those processes. Once an agreed upon specification is created, it is handed off to our software development team to analyze and create a plan to achieve the customer’s goals. On customer sign off, the developers build the solution and integrate the specialized programming into the customer’s MES.

ISE can also provide support that allows customers to participate in our MES update schedules. When developing customizations, we keep track of the adjustments made to each of our customer’s systems. This information helps streamline the transition to newer MES versions while carrying forward the customizations made to the customer’s system. This means a customer can continue to run the latest version of our manufacturing execution software without losing the specializations they’ve added.

If you’re looking for a manufacturing execution system that’s more aligned to your operations than off-the-shelf solutions, contact us today. Our highly experienced staff can build out a plan to make your MES work with your processes instead of forcing your processes to work with a standardized manufacturing execution system.


Health Assessment Project How can I accomplish more using Paper-Less?

The Paper-Less Health Assessment has been created to help customers take better advantage of the tools they already have invested in with Paper-Less. There are many areas where the Paper-Less’ manufacturing execution system can serve such as improved workflows, better WIP tracking, traceability, improved quality, increasing throughput, and more, but unless there is a clear vision for where the opportunities lie the existing investment in Paper-Less will not be maximized. The Health Assessment will explore the ways Paper-Less is currently used in your environment and contrast that against common practice – focused on the specific needs of your business. Through this effort a clear roadmap of opportunity can be created to help gain full value from Paper-Less. Paper-Less resources have experience with many different companies/implementations and can bring creative solutions to your organization using the tools that are readily available at your disposal. 1 day onsite.

Migration Assessment Project How large of a task will this be for me to upgrade from MDCC?

The Paper-Less MES product is the follow-on offering replacing MDCC. Paper-Less MES encompasses the major functions of MDCC, and it has many enhanced features beyond MDCC, however it does not offer a one-to-one replacement for the less significant features of MDCC. When choosing development priorities on the new MES product, Paper-Less placed the development of new features that benefited a greater number of customers ahead of specific MDCC features that were used by fewer customers. This Migration Assessment has been created by Paper-Less to help smooth the transition from MDCC to MES by identifying as many functional gaps as possible up front prior to them becoming obstacles to a successful implementation of MES. 2 days onsite.

Opportunity Assessment Project What will deploying Paper-Less do for me?

The Paper-Less Opportunity Assessment provides a comprehensive evaluation of existing manufacturing processes and identifies opportunities for utilizing Paper-Less MV2 software to achieve significant performance improvements. The vision would be to establish one software product, Paper-Less MV2, to act as the central software system replacing numerous disparate systems, whether they be manual or automated methods. The Opportunity Assessment will enable customers to gain a greater understanding of the potential contribution an implementation of Paper-Less MV2 will bring to their organization. 2 days onsite.

Technical Assessment Project Can we validate the high level provider mapping to my ERP system?

The Paper-Less Technical Assessment provides customers with a thorough evaluation of the compatibility between the Paper-Less MV2 product and their ERP solution. The Paper-Less MV2 application highly leverages ERP data to facilitate shop floor reporting. In turn, reported activity is sent back to ERP in the form of individual transactions. That bi-directional exchange is facilitated through what Paper-Less calls our “Generic ERP Provider”, which is the infrastructure used for the integration between ERP and Paper-Less. The Paper-Less Technical Assessment will focus on the ERP Provider and guide the investigation to determine the compatibility of the data available in ERP and Paper-Less MV2. Upon the completion of this session customers should gain significant insight into the scope and complexity of building the interface between ERP and MV2. 1 day online.

Proof of Concept Project Let's obtain hard evidence that Paper-Less is the right decision before moving forward.

The Paper-Less Proof of Concept provides prospective customers a milestone in their selection process to assist with the validation of Paper-Less MV2. This offering is intended for buyers who have matured their software evaluation process to the point where Paper-Less is the preferred solution but further evidence of their decision is necessary before proceeding with the purchase of the software. This offering will enhance any decision process by providing an opportunity to experience Paper-Less MV2 first hand with data specific to your environment and scenarios to mimic targeted work areas and workflows. This activity will provide the final assurance that MV2 will meet their business requirements. 3 days onsite.

Reporting Services Project Let us configure and use the built-in MS SQL reporting services that we already own.

Paper-Less has gone through great lengths to establish the “Paper-Less Reporting Layer” which provides a view into the manufacturing execution system database that is meaningful to non-technical resources. The Reporting Layer will simplify gaining access to data that is otherwise embedded deeply within a complex database typically used by developers. Once this resource is understood, users will be able to extract data and unleash the power of transforming data into meaningful, actionable information. Paper-Less Reporting leverages the Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) toolset – which is already available on the Paper-Less Application Server to unleash its capabilities against the power of the Paper-Less SQL database. When completing this offering, customers will have limitless potential to creatively exploit value from the detailed shop floor information contained within the Paper-Less. 1 day online.

Powerlink Business Objects Project We need business objects That have underlying MSSQL views.

Paper-Less created the PowerLink Business Objects services offering to help customers extend their use of the PowerLink technology from Infor. PowerLink has the capability to encompass data from other databases and other platforms, both of which fit Paper-Less MES well since MES utilizes a SQL database on the Microsoft Server platform. One of the advantages this offering provides is access to MES data through an Infor XA screen - this is accomplished through PowerLink technology. The outcome of this offering is to give users an understanding of the structure and content of the MES SQL database, use PowerLink to access MES data to create their own reports and build meaningful views of information that can help to improve your business. Information such as downtime, serial number history, production rates, and Kanban history can be viewed through PowerLink based MES business objects to assess and accelerate manufacturing performance. 4 hours online.

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