Visibility into Kanban status and activities

Kanban Software Streamline Reporting Process for Improved Kanban Visibility

The Kanban process was developed in an era where things weren't as complex or as time-dependent. This does not make the methodology obsolete, but doing it by hand may end up causing more issues than it could fix.

Spreadsheets and other disparate tracking tools eventually get put into place to help fill the gap created with manual Kanban methods, which only make matters worse. Manual Kanban methods can also create downstream issues with keeping the ERP system up to date with what is going on in production. Additional layers of activity, people and processes, not to mention multiple sources for the same information, make the whole process very prone to errors.

The MV2 Manufacturing Execution System (MES) has capabilities to support Kanban methods and lean manufacturing through electronic reporting and tracking tools.  MV2 provides digital visibility into Kanban statuses and Kanban activity that are simply not available under traditional manual Kanban tracking methods.

MV2 solves these issues with tools that integrate Kanban and ERP requirements through one solution. Requisitions for manufacturing orders or purchase orders for Kanban controlled items are fed immediately to ERP or MRP systems. Kanban orders and manufacturing orders are displayed on one centralized electronic dispatch list.

Digital kanban loops inside MV2 are established to identify consumption and replenishment locations. The number of bins in place for an item and the quantities contained within that bin further define how much product is on hand to satisfy demand. Kanban bin labels can be printed as needed to properly identify bins. These and other aspects of the Kanban tools can help to greatly improve visibility into the production floor and optimize inventory tracking methods.

If you're looking for more advanced Kanban management abilities, contact us today to learn how MV2 can manage these processes in real time.

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