TImely and Accurate Material Tracking

Material Tracking Software integrated production and inventory reporting for enhanced visibility into tracking materials

Tracking material, and particularly WIP material, is greatly enhanced with the MV2 Manufacturing Execution System (MES). For most manufacturing organizations, inventory is the highest cost item in their costs of goods sold so timely and accurate tracking is essential. Too often Enterprise Resource Planning  (ERP) systems lose track of materials from when the order is issued right up until an item is reported as finished goods. MV2 enhances visibility into tracking materials by integrating production and inventory reporting activities. This allows for inventory tracking events to be pushed to a more granular level with very little and, in some cases, no additional overhead. Material tracking in MV2  is not limited to just what is actively being produced. Received items as well as items in the warehouse can be also be tracked through MV2.

Electronic Kanban Reporting and Tracking

MV2 also has capabilities to handle Kanban methods through electronic Kanban reporting and tracking tools. Visibility into Kanban statuses and Kanban activity is made possible through Paper-Less MV2 Kanban which is simply not available using traditional Kanban tracking methods. Manual Kanban methods can also create downstream issues with keeping ERP up to date with what is going on in production. Spreadsheets and other disparate tracking tools get put into place to help fill the gap created with manual Kanban methods, which only makes matters worse because there are more layers of activity, people and processes, not to mention multiple sources for the same information. Those layers make the process prone to errors.

MV2 solves these issues with tools that integrate Kanban and ERP requirements through one integrated solution. Requirements for manufacturing orders or purchase orders for Kanban controlled items are fed immediately to ERP. Kanban and manufacturing order requirements are co-mingled on a centralized electronic dispatch list.

By replacing manual methods with automated tools the accuracy, visibility and timeliness of information goes up exponentially. 

If you're looking to explore moving manual tracking methods with shop floor management software like MV2, contact us today!

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