Quality Software Implement Consistent and Repeatable Processes to the Production Floor

The need for improved quality performance is prevalent around the globe.  The more accurately a product can be produced, without negatively impacting costs and marketability, the better.  MV2 has capabilities to support Quality Testing. Electronic control plans are set up in MV2 which are used to map out the type of tests to be performed and the sequence in which the tests are to be performed. Upper and lower level control limits are established to aid in identifying issues with items that are not meeting specifications. Numerous test types can be identified to ensure the user is being prompted to enter the right information at the right time. MV2 can produce non-conformance reports (NCR) when parts do not meet test specifications. Non-conformance tags can be produced for easy identification of parts awaiting disposition.

These control plans and electronic test characteristics can be performed against a purchased or manufactured part, or more generally applied to a process or a procedure.

X-Bar/R Charts will help to identify trends and assist operators in solving issues prior to producing bad parts. Statistical data that is captured is made available for reporting through the Paper-Less MV2 reporting layer, extracted allowing for easy access and interpretation of the database through Excel or SPC software.

These tools can not only be used to ensure quality but also to ensure that consistent and repeatable processes are used by productions workers – a critical step toward improvement.

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