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Easy-to-Use Production Reporting Software Quickly and accurately track attendence, labor & production

Attendance reporting is accomplished in the MV2 Manufacturing Execution System (MES) with a simple entry or swipe of a badge to toggle the employee’s attendance between an in or out status.  This enables other aspects of MV2 to validate the attendance status of an employee prior to accepting data into the system, which is a valuable feature of an integrated production system.  Inquiries are available to check the status of employees to see if they are clocked in, or even check to see if they are reporting labor against a job.

Labor reporting allows traditional tracking of time recorded against specific manufacturing orders through either a simple user interface offered in MV2 Production.  Intuitive workflows offered in MV2 Time & Attendance.  Workflows allow for much greater efficiency when capturing data since most of the required data needed to be captured is already known to the system. This allows the workflow to harness that information thereby eliminating the tedious field by field data entry methods of the past. This helps to minimize the disruption of doing data entry work rather than producing product.

Production reporting allows workers to update the status of their work in progress with or without the need to report labor.  Status can be changed and production counts can be updated to provide a snapshot into the most current events on the floor.

With attendance tracking joined to labor and production reporting, accuracy improves dramatically.  Unusual conditions can be observed and resolved when the system can compare employee attendance against other reporting activities.  This allows issues to be resolved immediately at their source so that only the most accurate information is loaded to the database.  Once data is accepted into the system it will be made available immediately to other users of MV2 and other ERP users across the enterprise.


Our MES solutions digitally optimize information flowing across the shop floor and the enterprise to support real-time or historical visibility and analysis of production operations. MES helps manufacturing companies better
orchestrate people, machines and production workflows.

Do you want to achieve continuous improvement, reduce costs of manufacturing and increase on-time delivery performance?

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