MV2 Touch Screen user interface shop floor management

Put every aspect of manufacturing at your fingertips.

MV2’s manufacturing system interfaces provide all the details you need, any time you need them. Learn more about how MV2 can help bring next-level visibility to your operations.

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See production status for all jobs…in one place

MV2 is the hub for shop floor order information that includes showing what’s in-process, how far along it is and who’s working on them. All this information is available to the manager in one screen.

Manufacturing Order Information screen

Take a deeper dive into what MV2 can do

Job sequencing flexibility at your fingertips

The MV2 MES provides the ability for managers to adjust production schedules in an easy, click-and-drag format. Through the Sequence Jobs screen, managers can react to issues and events on the floor or adjust for upcoming customer needs.

MV2 production job sequencing screen

Want to see the MV2 manufacturing execution system in action?

Get real-time status almost anywhere with MV2 Andon Boards

MV2’s digital Andon boards are the one-stop screen for understanding which machine or processes are up and running, which are idle and when they go down. These boards can be sent to mobile, seen on the desktop or broadcast to screens across the shop floor.

MV2 digital andon boards show work cell status

Immediately know what’s going on with Kanban processes

See where bins are, level of consumption and inventory depletion in real time. Also see all these aspects historically to determine trouble spots and inefficiencies that can’t be easily diagnosed with spot data.

MV2 Digital Kanban boards

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