MV2 manufacturing execution system release 5.4.10 available now

Paper-Less Releases Version 5.4.10 of its Manufacturing Execution System

More updates to user interface that reduces confusion and streamlines functionality and many bug fixes to better ensure that functionality.

Paper-Less is pleased to release version 5.4.10 of its Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software. In this upgrade, we’ve focused on several fixes and improvements to the product.  Some of these changes include:

  • Updates to the Transaction Maintenance module to hide icons and buttons that have no function for users that have Infor XA ERP. This was done to reduce confusion for users whose systems do not have this ability.

  • Performance improvements were made to the BulkLoad Stored Procedure for BulkLoad_ManufactureOrderHeaderExternalData, for processing during sync between XA and the Paper-Less Manufacturing Execution System.
  • The Template Variable drop down menus were updated to sort variables alpha-numerically. This change was made to make it easier to find variables when creating templates.

These are just a few of the updates and bug fixes that have been made to the Paper-Less MES. More information is available on these and the other areas where we’ve focused on improving the system’s operation and performance for our customers.

To learn more about what’s been updated in this release, please view the complete 5.4.10 release information.

If you’re ready to upgrade your Paper-Less system to the latest version, please contact us today!

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