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Paper-Less Manufacturing Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

Paper-Less Manufacturing Doesn't Have to Be Scary

// October 17, 2016 //

Transform Your Frankenstein Monster of Paper-Based Shop Floor Chaos Into an Intelligent Digital Production Management System Based on MES Technology

I think sometimes it scares people to read some of the article headlines like “The Industry 4.0 or Manufacturing 4.0 Revolution” or “Smart Manufacturing will Solve All of Your Shop Floor Management Headaches.” As we speak with our customers, some have expressed how they are so delighted to  finally just even have less paper to track and manage production activities.

Now that we have helped them overcome the initial hurdles they were previously facing, we are continuing to have discussions with them about expanding usage of the newly found production intelligence made possible with the Paper-Less MV2 digital production management system and our Paper-Less Xtend manufacturing technology consulting services.  We are advising manufacturers to consider reducing the disparate shop floor systems in order to realize the potential of a streamlined, comprehensive, digital production management system.  The new manufacturing execution system (MES)-based technology solution truly has almost limitless potential for achieving competitive advantage where it didn't previously seem possible.

I recall making presentations to librarians years ago about the new Internet technologies and how they were going to dramatically change our use of information, the timeliness of information and the way we share information. All of that didn’t happen overnight even when the technology was available for many years. As the understanding grew about all that could be possible with the new Internet technologies, the excitement grew as well.  I think the same thing is now happening with paper-less or digital manufacturing production management.  It is not only the technology that is advancing; it is the people involved who are starting to realize all of the tremendous advantages and possibilities of the newer digital production management systems now available.

Don’t be afraid of the technology buzzwords and don’t think you need to hide your efforts to achieve streamlined digital production management.  It isn’t too late and you aren’t alone if you are considering that perhaps you should have implemented paper-less manufacturing when it was paper-less manufacturing 1.0.  What has happened between then and now?  What are paper-less manufacturers doing now that sets them apart from the companies still using paper shop packets and managing production with paper or Excel spreadsheets?

Companies are realizing tremendous results from paper-less MES manufacturing management and it is well worth your time to consider how similar results might benefit your company today.  I do encourage you to be proactive rather than waiting for things like losing customers, being fined, or having to shut down parts of your operation.  These are very real challenges being faced by manufacturers still running paper-based shop floors.  There are countless other reasons and advantages of moving to a paper-less or digital production management system including the following:

  • Achieving sustainability and environmentally conscious goals—too much paper costs money and has a negative impact on the environment.
  • Fostering an environment of continuous improvement through relevant production information.
  • Provide workers more efficient tools for them to perform their jobs.
  • Reduction of staff time previously needed for managing mounds of paper or discerning difficult to read paper log entries.
  • Streamlining documentation of production activities and operations.
  • Achieving Nadcap Accreditation or FDA Compliance because of having more accurate and detailed records, reports and improved quality management.
  • Reduce overall costs and increase efficiency.

Recently, Paper-Less helped a US manufacturer of structural aircraft assemblies for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters to implement a new MES system in order to achieve paper-less, digital production management and operations.  The new system eased customer audits and helped achieve Nadcap Accreditation.  In addition, this manufacturer received a Frost & Sullivan Manufacturing Leadership Award.  You may download the case study to learn more about how and why paper-less manufacturing made possible through a digital production management system is saving time and money while improving quality and customer satisfaction.  Go ahead then and celebrate the new paper-less manufacturing way!  We think it will be a life-changing and business-changing experience for you and your company.  We are here to support you every step of the way.

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