Sherry has joined ISE as a Senior Account Executive and will be working with our Infor XA customers to ensure they are achieving the maximum value from their technology investments.  Sherry has supported many customers over the years, not only as a MAPICS/XA/IBM iSeries consultant, but also through Value Engineering Sales & Pre-sales efforts specifically for manufacturing companies.  ​Her technical background & leadership experiences offer our customers a unique opportunity to explore and understand new solutions, upgrade paths, and cloud options, with the ultimate goals of improving business processes and achieving real operational improvements.  

And now... some things we think you should know about....

Molly Burgess

​Senior Account Executive

We've once again scheduled our Enterprise Integrator and System-Link classes for the fall/winter.  These classes have proven to be very popular and beneficial to our customers.

If you are new to our education, click here to see how it works.  If you are interested in attending one or more or our scheduled classes, click the links below to register.

Our User Conference took place in May.  A special “Thank You” to our sponsors and all who participated…including over one hundred XA users from over 50 companies!

Newly announced this year was XA Cloud offerings with many sessions focused on the value, benefits and logistics of moving to the cloud. This Keynote topic was complimented by over 40 sessions focused on traditional XA topics.  Join us next year to see what all the excitement is about!  

"If you don't know, ask" that is Erin's motto.  Since starting in July, Erin has leveraged her background in multimedia production and corporate business to keep learning, engaging and asking questions.  Erin's marketing and diverse communication skills will continue to support the company's mission, image, brand, and the people, products, and solutions ISE represents.  After 10 years in the healthcare industry focusing on process improvement, implementation, coordination, finance, and diversity, Erin is proud to join the ISE team and continue the legacy that her father, John Van Kempen, founded 34 years ago. 

Erin Bonde

​Manager, Marketing and Communications 

Bob has nearly 40 years of experience on the AS/400/iSeries/Systemi/Power platforms.  He has spent the bulk of that time supporting IBM midrange systems, application analysis and programming.  His experience with managing project teams and implementing IT solutions including equipment installation, application installation, training, customization, and software development makes him a perfect fit for our customer base.   Bob is located in upstate New York.

Since our last newsletter ISE has added several new employees in key positions.  

MK & Associates / Guide Technologies Conference in Michigan 2018

SOLVE PROBLEMS Conference for Infor XA Users! October 8-9. All about XA for XA Users.
Klaus Frost from Paper-Less will be presenting on October 8th at 10:00am
Contact Klaus Frost @ 262-354-3169 for more information.

System-Link provides XA the ability to participate in today’s brave new world of inter-computing where consumer demand for the universal availability of information is constantly growing. System-Link is the release-transparent, recommended, and supported interface for connecting to XA as well as for retrieving and loading data from outside the XA Power-Link GUI.

Our System-Link for Programmers education is not only designed to teach you the features/functions, but also provide
you with examples to get you started.  Click here to view a class syllabus and click here to register.

The first half of the year has brought several changes intended to streamline our operations and improve the delivery of services to customers.  Today we would like to elaborate on some of these changes. 

Migrating specific applications to the cloud with on-premise IT brings flexible and scalable solutions to your business.  However, the resulting hybrid IT environment can be more complex than your IT team is ready for.  Our Engineered IT Solutions can help you add cloud and cloud-like experiences to your infrastructure without the pain of learning on the fly.

But in this hybrid IT world, where do you begin?   

Our team can assess your current infrastructure and help you decide which functions make sense to migrate to the cloud and what cloud to even use.  Our team is committed to making your transition to the cloud a smooth process from end to end.  We have a range of experts across multiple disciplines and have the experience to help you design, implement, and where it fits, migrate to the cloud.  

Please contact Molly Burgess at (262) 354-3225 or

Engineered IT Solutions

Classroom Education

Enterprise Integrator gives you an extended ERP desktop based on the Infor ERP XA Java Architecture. You can
integrate user-written or third-party applications to this client-server architecture easily and quickly, allowing you to
access this information using the same user interface, even navigating to and from Infor ERP XA. Or, you can design
completely separate systems.

Our Enterprise Integrator education is not only designed to teach you the feature/functions of the tool, but also
provide you with examples to get you started on your first project.  Click here to view a class syllabus and click here to register.

Dec 4th-6th, 2018  System-Link for Programmers

ISE is growing!

ISE has helped to coordinate and establish the Chicago Area User Group for the SyteLine User Network (SUN).  The first successful meeting was held in the beginning of June with insightful speakers and presentations!!

 A LinkedIn page for the group has been created. If anyone has an interest in joining or has any questions, please contact Molly Burgess at (262) 354-3225 or​

If you are not a member of the XA User group, we strongly encourage you to join!

Call now: +1.262.567.9240

Sherry Widrick

​Senior Account Executive 

In today's fast-paced world, keeping up with business means overcoming IT complexity at the same pace as your opportunities appear.  Deciding on and deploying the right IT infrastructure and applications is critical.

A word from Mike...

September 24-27 in Washington DC.  ISE will be attending!

Conference & Events Update

​Historically ISE and Paper-Less had relative autonomy with separate services at all levels, except for Accounting.  Today most services have been merged.  We now have one Professional Services Team, one Sales Team and one Customer Service Department; which includes the Paper-Less Help Desk.  We previously introduced our Engineered IT services; which can help with server consolidations and network efficiencies. Soon we will be expanding these services to include Cloud Services to help customers migrate the on-premise server applications to the cloud.  Working with the various Cloud providers can be a daunting and unfamiliar task.  ISE will be ready and able to provide resources as we all navigate to cloud platforms.   Additionally, we will be expanding our development services to include Microsoft .NET developers against the iSeries database, or SQL databases, to expand our current programming services.  Continue to keep ISE and our new services in mind as you consider future custom applications.   

In closing, ISE has positioned itself as the "systems integrator" of choice when new or existing customers are looking to technology to solve their business issues.  We feel strongly that the principles from our founding days carry forward to this day, now 34 years later – a one-stop shop for customers looking for solutions to their business problems. 


Our Paper-Less team will be exhibiting this year in Booth #8918 
Please stop by if you happen to be in Atlanta November 6 – 8. 

Bob Vanderstouw

​Senior Programmer Analyst 

Molly comes to us with extensive experience in technology.  She has spent several years in the Infor channel working with and selling a number of different ERP systems and most recently has been spending her time in the Microsoft channel focused on Managed Hosting Services.  AT ISE, Molly will be focused on promoting our CloudSuite Industrial practice.  Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial, is a fully integrated, industry-specific solution suite deployed in the cloud. Molly is based in Minneapolis.

Nov 13th-15th, 2018  Enterprise Integrator