We've once again scheduled our Enterprise Integrator and System-Link classes for the fall/winter.  These classes have proven to be very popular and beneficial to our customers.

If you are new to our education, click here to see how it works.  If you are interested in attending one or more or our scheduled classes, click the links below to register.

November 14-16, 2017  System-Link for Programmers

The conference is coming to Chicago, Illinois, October 15-17 2017.  With more than 100 super-users, industry experts and consultants and Infor partners presenting, you will return to your organization inspired and equipped with proven strategies to improve your skill sets and help your business succeed. Among the more than 140 conference sessions, you'll find multiple sessions introducing tactics to use the technology you already own to work smarter, not harder.

We'll also introduce you to new partners, third party vendors who are being used by our own attendees.

Register by August 31, 2017 to take advantage of the earlybird registration rate, or save more if your business registers 3 or more. Visit www.inPOWERconference.com for more conference details.

System-Link provides XA the ability to participate in today’s brave new world of inter-computing where consumer demand for the universal availability of information is constantly growing. System-Link is the release-transparent, recommended, and supported interface for connecting to XA as well as for retrieving and loading data from outside the XA Power-Link GUI.

Our System-Link for Programmers education is not only designed to teach you the features/functions, but also provide
you with examples to get you started.  Click here to view a class syllabus and click here to register.

We are currently looking for a Financial Consultant providing implementation expertise in the areas of financials, cost accounting, project management, process modeling and system implementation methodologies.  If you are interested, click here to read more about the requirements of the position.  If you would like to talk about a career at ISE, send your resume to richard.shew@ise-erp.com

A summer has come and is quickly slipping away since our last newsletter, and a lot has happened in that time.  Since my last correspondence with all of you through email I am proud to say that the teams at ISE, in both 

There is no reason why a job can't be just as relaxed as it is demanding and just as much fun as it is challenging. In a time when more and more rules seem to be coming at us from all sides, it's reassuring to know that we really need very few.

ISE offers its employees a very competitive salary and generous benefits which are updated annually by our employee steering committee. Our benefits include health coverage, 401K plan, section 125 pretax flexible account, dental, life, long term disability and more. ​

4. Classroom Education

The new application named “LAUNCHPAD”, uses a single interface for all of your warehouse download, planning and putback activity.

At ISE, we have thoroughly tested this application and have found it to be indispensable for all VPi users.  Click here to view our recently presented Lunch & Learn on the topic, and then contact us to discuss implementing at your facility.


Together with the Infor LX, Infor System 21 and the Enterprise Integrator group, the Infor XA User Group (IXAUG) invites you to participate in the most comprehensive and valuable professional learning and networking opportunity available to every licensed Infor XA, Infor LX or Infor System 21 user.

And now... 5 things we think you should know about....

sales and professional services, have done a great job in keeping things going well through a year of significant change.  We wrestle with peak demands on selected resources and are looking to remedy that as quickly as possible, but it is definitely one of the “nice to have” problems if there is such a thing.  

Going forward ISE continues to invest in selling and supporting Infor, IBM and Paper-Less products. Our ION skills are among the best available.  ISE has been designated as an Infor Partner for CPQ, Infor’s product configurator tool, and we have been educating ourselves on Infor Xi and CRM, with current customer implementations for both.  We have also begun to successfully navigate into the world of Syteline and CloudSuite Industrial with our sales skills expanding and our services capabilities will quickly follow.  We have several Syteline customers and several new opportunities that will accelerate our exposure, so please keep us in mind as your ERP needs evolve.  We also intend to expand our Professional Services team by offering skills to support .NET and Java development to meet the need for modern user experiences against the iSeries database.  Cloud solutions are also well on our radar through the evolution of Infor’s product strategies as well as our own with IBM Cloud offerings and their Watson cognitive intelligence tool.  As we learn more about these tools we will certainly communicate our readiness to you, but in the meantime if you have interests that are aligned with these strategies please let us know.   

Paper-Less has begun to implement several new initiatives, one of which is a new dashboard tool.  This will allow our standard KPIs to be displayed in a dashboard framework allowing one or several indices to be displayed on the same dashboard.  The same tool can be used to display any custom measurements alongside our standard KPIs which really extends the potential of tailoring the application to the needs of the individual customer.  Paper-Less is also building out our architecture and layering our code such that we can embrace cloud technologies and mobile device deployments in the months and years ahead. 

So there are many things going on here at ISE as we build our products and services to meet the evolving needs of our customer base.  We hope that through the steps we are taking and through the tools we offer we can remain your technology partner for decades into the future as we done for many of you for decades in the past.        

November 7-9, 2017  Enterprise Integrator

2. ISE is presenting at

As anyone that is using VPi knows, configuring your environment for multiple warehouse planning is tedious.  Administrators need to create separate batch file short-cuts for each warehouse.  

Now, Infor has introduced a new launch pad application for easy configuration and deployment of multiple warehouses with shortcuts to run separately.  

5. ISE is hiring, again!

 XA FinancialsJoanne Dyer Enterprise Financials - an overview
 XA FinancialsJoanne Dyer Accounts Payable, AR, Cash Management 
 Infor F9Joanne Dyer Financial Reporting Solution 
 Ming.le Stephanie Wickstrom Running live with XAR9
 IONStephanie Wickstrom
 Simple Examples of Publishing and Workflows 
 XA SystemTom Bell PUI- Product Update Information 
 IBMTom Bell IBM i Access Client Solutions 
 IBMTom Bell Navigator for IBM i

A word from Mike...

3. LaunchPad for VPi

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Enterprise Integrator gives you an extended ERP desktop based on the Infor ERP XA Java Architecture. You can
integrate user-written or third-party applications to this client-server architecture easily and quickly, allowing you to
access this information using the same user interface, even navigating to and from Infor ERP XA. Or, you can design
completely separate systems.

Our Enterprise Integrator education is not only designed to teach you the feature/functions of the tool, but also
provide you with examples to get you started on your first project.  Click here to view a class syllabus and click here to register.