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My MES System… Less is MORE!

My MES System... Less is MORE!

// April 25, 2019 //

Paper-Less, LLC follows the ideology that fewer software solutions on the floor are better than more. As a result, we design our software solutions to be far reaching across many areas of the factory. This improves all processes, giving a consistent look and feel as well as overall better user experience. And just as important, a single database repository of all manufacturing data.

Department leaders should avoid the temptation to focus narrowly on their department for a “best of breed” solution. When that strategy is adopted by department leaders it begins the downward spiral of disparate systems, all of which are attempting to track the same core business information. This inevitably creates redundancy of data, adds to overhead, and is likely to introduce errors, inconsistencies and non-value add time. Localized optimization will not be good for the company overall.

Expectations of modern manufacturing systems should be no different than our expectations of modern ERP software. There was a day, not that long ago, that accounting systems were bought from one vendor, forecasting tools from another, estimating and planning tools from another, etc.  But those days have past, an ERP now contains all those solutions from one vendor. To the extent possible, seek manufacturing software from one vendor that serves the needs of both sides—ERP & manufacturing. ERP software matured and so have its expectations, and now the same should be expected of MES.

MES has matured, so much so that new acronyms are introduced like MOM (Manufacturing Operation Management) and CPM (Collaborative Production Management) as they attempt to express how comprehensive and far reaching that software has become. Each working to support Manufacturing 4.0 initiatives through consistent information and highly effective systems. Improving process efficiency and focus, going further than a narrow sighted vertical solution with a finite contribution.

For every person in the office, there are typically 3-5x individuals on the factory floor. A good MES system is now meant to reach/connect them all, making your decision in a comprehensive program all that more important (second only to a facilities relocation). While it’s a significant and involved decision, it doesn’t have to be one you have to evaluate on your own.

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