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MV2 Production Monitoring Interfaces

MV2 Digital Visual Manufacturing Management and Monitoring

MV2 offers a variety of standard screens to monitor the functions and performance of a production environment. Many of these interfaces are based on conventional reporting systems in the manufacturing sector. We’ve listed a few of the most used screens below.

Manufacturing Order Information Screen

Production order board production tracking board

This screen is comparable to production boards or job tracking boards used in most manufacturing facilities. The Manufacturing Order screen lists all the jobs the site is working on and the level of completion for each.

Much like conventional job status boards, the screen provides a bar graph to quickly determine level of completion, as well as more granular information from the actual quantity of required and completed parts. The screen goes on to show whether the job is still tracking on-time and where the job and parts are located within the facility.


Sequence Jobs Screen

Job scheduling board sjop floor management board

The Sequence Jobs screen shows the orders being run by the work centers or machines running them. It allows a manager or supervisor the ability to move jobs on the schedule as well as to other work centers by simple drag and drop functionality. This screen is similar to job assignment planning boards, machine utilization boards or shop floor scheduling boards.

Much like the Manufacturing Order Screen, the Sequence Jobs Screen provides a wealth of information about each of the job processes scheduled. This information includes the quantity of parts ordered, number of parts remaining to be completed and what status the job is in. The screen also provides more detail about each production sequence including a description of the sequence, item numbers and their revision levels.

Due dates and start dates are also given, as well as the health of the process shown in its color on the chart. The health color coding is determined by how the process is performing against its scheduling. For example, jobs that are behind are shown in red and green jobs are on schedule.


Andon Boards

Andon monitoring shop floor tracking

The next level beyond the light trees that indicate work center or machine status, Andon boards provide that information across machines, an entire work area, department or production floor, but on one screen.

The Andon screen shows the conventional Andon light information for each area or machine in the color of its tab. The screens utility goes beyond simple colored lights. Each of the tiles in the screen above show the current status for a work center, the job they are running, parts completed and time on job. These panes also show the operator assigned and if the machine is down, the stated reason.

Kanban Boards

Kanban board materials utilization board

The Kanban process is a core aspect of lean manufacturing, but it was designed just after the second world war when information on physical cards were the best option for making it work. Times have changed, manufacturing processes have gotten faster and more automated. It’s time for the Kanban board to make the same changes.

With MV2, plant managers, supervisors and operators can manage the Kanban process digitally. It also provides the ability to update cards from work cells instead of workers traveling to the main board to make changes. A digital Kanban implementation can provide immediate feedback for material requirements, as well as material issues. That means greater efficiency in the process and a more connected understanding of what is happening on the floor. Not only is the board being updated in real time, but managers can also see operations happening across the floor as they occur. Communication is greatly improved and waste is reduced via the electronic signals and digital board.

With a manufacturing execution system powering the Kanban process, performance metrics become available that would be only available to firms that had dedicated staff operating their Kanban processes. MV2 provides the ability for managers to reach back historically in the Kanban process to ascertain performance metrics and trouble spots that can only be seen over time. MV2 has the in-built capability to deliver these metrics in several configurations for easier understanding and consumption by manufacturing decisionmakers.

Next Level Visual Manufacturing Monitoring

To provide greater benefit, these screens can be pushed beyond the desktop an onto display boards on the production floor. The screens can be set up to focus on the information from only one department or production cell to displaying total facility performance. Managers can choose what’s most appropriate for their operation’s needs.

Nearly all these screens have another feature above the ones listed. They receive their data directly from the machines and work centers. That means the MES updates the screens in real time, rather than waiting for the data to be tabulated at the end of a shift or worse. This ability provides managers not only far better visibility into a shop floor’s performance, it also means the velocity of receiving that information reduces those manager’s response times for issues that need attention.

This is just a small sample of the reporting and control capabilities of a manufacturing execution system like MV2. If you’re looking for greater visibility and velocity from your production operations like these sample screens provide, contact us today.

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