MV2 Shop Floor Management

Digital Shop Floor Production Management

MV2 brings the benefit of electronic management to every aspect of the manufacturing process. The results are streamlined operations that increase yield and throughput for every floor.

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Track jobs in real time from anywhere in the facility

Never get caught by surprise or have to walk the floor to find out. See what’s happening with every order on the floor from one location. Immediate performance updates are delivered to the system for review on desktop, mobile device or on electronic production boards.

Manufacturing Order Information screen
MV2 production job sequencing screen

Adjust production sequences when issues come up

Have the flexibility to change the order of jobs on the floor with a drag and drop interface. These changes are automatically delivered to the effected areas and processes to increase the speed of reaction to production-altering events.

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Get the right information to the right places

Stop chasing outdated work instructions and losing job travelers. MV2’s digital work instructions is not only a single point of shop floor information control, it also automatically links and distributes orders and instructions to each work cell or operation when needed.

MV2 Digital Work instructions
production supervisiors discussing manufacturing data

Centralize shop floor data collection

Information is power – especially in manufacturing. Getting all that data into one, easy to access and analyze location is what creates the most useful, actionable information. This is exactly what MV2 does. It is the data base where all shop floor operations report their performance, status, job and location data to. MV2 is designed to capture machine, worker, logistical and quality data make it available in real time.

Want to see MV2 in action?

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