MV2 Shop Floor Management

Bring Shop Floor Visibility and Velocity to Microsoft F&O

Making Digital Transformation Profitable

MV2 is a powerful and robust Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that helps manufacturing firms get the most out of their existing resources & processes at a fraction of the cost of hiring workers or adding automation. MV2 MES provides its benefits through connecting down to PLC-level systems, and up to an existing Microsoft F&O ERP system, to offer real time reporting and management of workers, machines and operations across the entire production facility.


The Premiere MES Software for the Microsoft Space

MV2 has been developed to be highly integrated with Microsoft’s F&O Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and Azure while providing best in class manufacturing management capabilities. That means MV2 is ready to receive information and orders from F&O as well as report back production metrics and status to give both managers and executives a 360 degree view of the company’s performance.

Effectively Manage Shop Floor Operations

Get real time data on production operations in one place with MV2. Use that data within MV2 to effectively schedule orders and shop floor resources including work centers, machines, workers, inventory and WIP. Find out immediately when machines go down or look at historical performance data to locate inefficiencies.

Discover the benefits of MV2

  • Improving On-Time Manufacturing
  • Increasing Visibility into Manufacturing
  • Helping Adoption of Lean
  • Eliminating Manual Processes
  • Microsoft F&O Compatible


  • Decreasing Rework & Scrap
  • Increasing Material Throughput
  • Supporting Change Management
  • Fostering Employee Collaboration & Improving Morale

Deeply Integrated with Manufacturing Operations

A software platform which connects, monitors and coordinates complex manufacturing systems, data flows, as well as people on a shop floor. The main goal of an MES is to oversee and synchronize the execution of manufacturing operations and improve production output of the factory.

MES helps shop floor workers focus their time on doing, rather than reading and typing. Minimizing input utilizing touchscreens, bar codes and “predictive” transactions (that only need confirmation, not data entry), workers will save keystrokes and footsteps.

A Partnership You Can Trust

We support our customers across the entire service life of our MES systems. From providing on-site analysis of our customer’s needs and processes to following that up with software integration and training at the customer’s facilities, we are invested in our customer’s success.  Learn more about our integration process, customer service capabilities and our XTend services that can develop extensions to customize installations to support specialized processes and needs.

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