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MV2 manufacturing data collection capabilities

A large component of manufacturing’s digital transformation is built upon data collection from the shop floor. That’s where a Manufacturing Execution System comes into play. It is the keystone that holds the Industry 4.0 transition together. Why? Because Manufacturing Execution Systems are the programs that collect all that production data and store it for analysis or for sending back to a firm’s ERP system.

There’s a variety of ways an MES can collect data and from a number of areas on the production floor. The system is designed from the start to be open and ready to be integrated into manufacturing operations. MES systems typically rely on integrators to connect the various production systems to the software. Manufacturing execution systems are also designed to be easily customized to an individual firm’s needs and method of operations.

Data collection from human processes

Manufacturing execution systems can record an incredible amount of data from labor-related operations when set up properly. The MES can simply collect when workers log onto work centers or machines, what processes they work on and the production rates. It can go beyond these aspects to collecting information from testing processes and creating stage gate systems that require proper testing to be performed before next steps are done.  More advanced systems like MV2 can also record all this data for work crews as well as for individual operators or workers.

Data collection from machine processes

With proper integration, the MV2 manufacturing execution system can communicate directly with the machines on the shop floor. It can record and store any data the machine can pass. MV2 can also be installed with sensors built on top of machines that were not initially designed for the data collection required by modern production monitoring. That means production machines from HMCs, robotic systems, large custom production machines and even down to smart arms or PLC-operated testing cells can be integrated into MV2’s data acquisition operations.

Data collection from materials and locations

Information about materials and how they move around the facility is another critical data set that needs to be measured and managed. MV2 helps with this process as well. From receiving to work in process and finally into quality and shipping, the system can be instrumental in collecting production data that helps understand the true performance of shop floor operations.

By integrating with labeling and bar code scanning systems, RFID and other movement and monitoring systems, MV2 collects the data necessary to understand where parts are and how they move throughout the floor. This data also can go a long way in assessing the production facility’s layout and whether it enhances operations or is creating bottlenecks and lost time.

The true value of MV2 is when managers can combine all these types of data together to build a complete understanding of plant operations and performance. Since MV2 electronically collects this data and stores it all in the same database, this capability is easily within reach for manufacturers who adopt the system.

If you’re looking for next level manufacturing data collection, contact us today. Our highly experienced integration consultants can help you understand how your facility can benefit from capturing the right production data from your processes to you make informed, strategic operational decisions.

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