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Tracking production machine performance with MV2

The MV2 Manufacturing Execution System is built to manage shop floor operations. It does this through collecting data directly from the production systems. That means the data from each machine is fed into the MES and is available for managers in real time.

The MES can be set up to record several aspects of the production process. It can monitor when jobs are started, paused and completed. MV2 can also keep track of whether the machine is running, being set up, not running a job or when it’s in a downtime state.

Beyond the machine’s status, the manufacturing execution system can attribute piece counts and scrap amounts. These can be used to determine run rates, scrap rates and other performance metrics a manager can use to understand the condition of the machine in real time as well as the overall operation’s performance against scheduled durations.

With even greater integration, consumables can be applied to the production machines like drill bits used, cutting fluid consumed or sanding belts changed per period of time. Not only would this data provide a better understanding of machine usage rates, but it also puts together a more complete picture of total job costs and the ability to get in front of keeping MRO orders.

Andon monitoring shop floor tracking

Further, MV2 provides the ability to affix alerts to certain machine performance parameters or to display the information on dashboards throughout the facility. The alerts can be set to inform managers when machines enter a downtime situation or when production rates fall below certain thresholds. These alerts can be sent to mobile devices. The dashboards can help supervisors stay on top of everything that’s happening in their areas. This gives managers the ability to understand what’s happening on the shop floor from anywhere in the building.

All this information is stored in MV2 to create a rich database of manufacturing data. The information is available to managers to track performance over time to ascertain issues developing before they become bigger problems or to get a better understanding of the effects of other systems and resources on the machines themselves.

Combining more effective machine performance monitoring with a higher degree of labor tracking is not only the basis for making the leap to true manufacturing digital transformation, it provides the manager a more effective platform to improve quality and throughput with the operations they already have.

If you’re looking to get more out of your production systems, contact us today. Our highly skilled consultants and engineers can help you understand what’s possible with better, more integrated production machine performance tracking.

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