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Cloud-based MV2 provides stability and reliability

Managing manufacturing operations doesn’t have to be an on-site affair. Using the MV2 Manufacturing Execution System it isn’t. More specifically, MV2 is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) application that provides the benefits cloud-based systems offer. These include scalability that grows with you, software that’s always up to date and always on. In short, MV2 takes one more worry out of the server room for IT professionals and executives.

MV2 doesn’t require on-site servers

A firm’s MV2 MES instance resides on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. That means there’s no need to manage physical hardware at the plant for running the software. It also means IT departments won’t have to worry about maintaining uptime with on-site servers or plan for their eventual upgrade, failure and replacement. The hardware is kept up to date and in a highly functional state by Microsoft for as long as the firm uses MV2.

The MV2 application is managed remotely

Just as the hardware is managed off-site, so is the MV2 software. Our in-house staff take care of applying bug fixes and updates to keep the firm functioning as efficiently as possible. We also make sure the firm has access to all the latest features Paper-Less adds to the software – all without having to engage any of the firm’s IT staff to train on, program or maintain the software.

MV2 offers high availability

Keeping things running with the least amount of downtime is a key benefit of using the MV2 manufacturing execution system. This stems from the reliability Azure remote servers provide and Paper-Less management contributes.

Just as Microsoft’s skills offer some of the highest up-time numbers in the industry, Paper-Less brings over 30 years of experience developing manufacturing management systems that firms depend on. These combine to create a rock-solid shop floor management system that goes beyond availability to provide reliability firms can trust.

Contact us today if you’re looking to reduce your reliance on physical servers and want to take advantage of robust production monitoring and management capabilities.

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