MV2 Shop Floor Management

Oracle-based MES that takes the worry out of management

Add shop floor management without the workload. MV2 offers the advantages of cloud-based software including a proven integration with Oracle.

MV2 is a state-of-the-art, fully integrated MES suite of functionality designed to support the requirements of today’s discrete manufacturing environments. MV2 is built to integrate with Oracle's ERP system and provides the functionality of shop floor management, but without the need for on-site server upkeep or keeping up with updates.

The MES resides in the cloud.

MV2 will reside on Oracle's cloud hosting platform, but the software will be automatically updated by Paper-Less. This eliminates the need for managing hardware systems, updating the system, or worrying about crashes.

The MV2 system has been purpose-designed to be compatible with Oracle

The integration between MV2 and Oracle's ERP has been tested multiple times to make sure the software will run smoothly together. All production data from Oracle is transmitted to MV2 without the need for manual input or oversight.

MV2 operates its own database system to record and store production data.

With the integration, the database will always be on and monitored, because the MES can operate independently from Oracle's ERP system. This way the ERP system can be updated at the most convenient time for system administrators.

If you’d like to learn more about how MV2 MES is designed to lessen IT loads and provide a more stable overall business system environment, contact us today!

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