MV2 Shop Floor Management

Get end-to-end production insight and control

Directly connect the shop floor to Oracle with MV2 to make sure your decisions are based on real manufacturing metrics, not estimates.

Paper-Less offers bespoke programming capabilities to get the most out of the integrated Oracle ERP system. MV2 offers the ability to not only see but understand manufacturing operations at a much more granular level. The integrated software allows a manager to have all available production information collated in one location and in real-time to make immediate decisions.

Get more out of the floor

MV2 can directly receive production orders from Oracle. Today’s manufacturing execution system like MV2 provides managers the ability to lay out the operations that make up work orders automatically and in an efficient manner. The status of operations on the shop floor can be easily transmitted to the executive level. This ensures upper management is in the loop, but it also makes for a more effective shop floor operation overall.

Make better strategic decisions

When a company needs to make an important decision quickly, the timing of receiving the data relies on the speed and efficiency of its employees. When data is connected electronically it leaves room for employees to focus on other tasks to improve the organization and bottom line. MV2 helps firms get the most out of their existing resources and processes. MV2 constantly collects data from human and machine processes across multiple product lines and warehouse locations. MV2 stores this data and generates accurate, easy-to-read reports that are ready for analysis at any time. Managers can use all these functionalities to build a complete understanding of plant operations and performance.

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