MV2 Shop Floor Management

Know what’s happening on the floor in real time.

Easily manage the entire floor and quickly react to issues with MV2’s next-level control of your manufacturing operations

Many complex operations have seen explosive increases in efficiency and performance from adopting digital management systems. Manufacturing is no different. In this highly competitive global marketplace, it’s becoming almost impossible to stay in the game using paper-based processes. The MV2 Manufacturing Execution System can be that game-changer on your floor – and it doesn’t hurt that MV2 is built to be compatible with Microsoft’s F&O ERP.

Decades of Manufacturing Management Experience

When it comes to managing discrete manufacturing operations, trust Paper-Less. We’ve been a leader in shop floor systems for nearly 30 years. That means providing stability, control and efficiency to production floors with software developed exactly for that goal.

Manage resources and jobs from one location

Staying on top of what’s going on in the production process is a key component of guaranteeing on-time delivery while effectively managing costs. MV2 takes orders directly from Microsoft F&O and provides managers the ability to efficiently schedule those orders to manufacturing resources and inventory. MV2 collects production data in real time to create a database of information managers can use to make educated decisions from.

Digitize work instructions and metrics

A large component of efficient manufacturing is acting on the right information at the right times and places. MV2 manages and delivers that information throughout the plant floor electronically, whether that’s job instructions or machine or work center status in real time- no more making, distributing or managing paper work orders or inventory tickets. The MES can also take job and machine status and display it throughout the plant through digital AndOn boards. MV2 can digitize and maintain production boards, as well as send alerts to mobile devices when critical situations arise.

Ready for the future with IIoT and API expandability

The factory of the future is on its way. MV2 provides the platform manufacturers need to begin taking advantage of everything these new technologies can provide. Our MES already connects directly to production machines, human work cells and robotic automation systems to collect data and send job instructions and orders. MV2 has begun opening its processes up via API interface. This provides the ability to directly access commands and data for specialized BI data systems or deeper integrations with other business software in the organization.

If it’s time to get better control over your firm’s production operations, our highly skilled integration consultants can discuss precisely how MV2 can increase throughput and production efficiency. Contact us today.

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