Get end-to-end production insight and control

Make sure your decisions are based on real manufacturing metrics, not estimates. Directly connect the shop floor to Microsoft's Business Central ERP with MV2.

Corporate decision-making no longer has to be separated from what happens on the production floor. With the MV2 Manufacturing Execution System (MES), a new level of integration in scheduling, forecasting and understanding is possible.

This new level comes from MV2’s ability to connect the floor with the head office. MV2 records data directly from manufacturing and inventory operations and it provides this information directly to Microsoft’s Business Central ERP system.

Get more out of the floor

MV2 can directly receive production orders from Business Central. Through the MES, orders get to plant managers in a timely and correct fashion. Managers then use MV2 to effectively schedule resource availability to order requirements in real time. This is instead of managers waiting for supervisors to report on conditions.

That reporting goes both ways. The status of operations on the shop floor can be easily transmitted to the executive level. Not only does this keep upper management in the loop, it makes for a more effective shop floor operation overall.

Make better strategic decisions

This means forecasting and planning at the executive level isn’t based on old data, estimations or other qualitative methods. With MV2, the results of those processes are built upon quantitative data that comes directly from the processes themselves. Both real time and historical data are transmitted into Business Central from MV2. Our MES gives the executive an unparalleled understanding of the inputs and outputs of the entire manufacturing operation. That leads to more reliable and substantiative reporting and planning for the Board, as well as for other departments in the company.

If you’re looking to get a 360 degree understanding of what’s happening on the shop floor or looking to shorten the time it takes execute or change production processes, the MV2 manufacturing execution system may be the answer you need. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a demonstration of the software.

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