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MV2 Quality 

The MV2 Manufacturing Execution System Quality Module represents a multi-point quality management platform that’s highly integrated with the production control and monitoring abilities of the MV2 Production Module. MV2 can integrate testing into the entire facility in a variety of ways, as well as collect testing information from a variety of sources. This ability provides managers a complete understanding of shop floor performance, both in real time and over time.

MV2 Quality Module offers next level integration and data collection streamlining for the shop floor in several areas. Click on any of the links below to learn more about each area.

Highly integrated with production

Multiple testing procedures available

Centralized testing process management

Gated testing capabilities integrated with production

Quality and testing throughout the facility

Tracking and metrics capabilities

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Integrated with production

MV2 puts every aspect of the test process at the fingertips of workers and operators. Through directly integrating with testing equipment, smart tools and through the module’s own touchscreen interface, there are a number of ways to input quality data on the shop floor. All these options make it far easier to record more data quickly and correctly.

At Paper-Less, we’ve spent decades refining the user interfaces of our product and how it interacts with other systems. This investment has led to reducing the time, training and effort line workers need to perform functions like testing. The result is a streamlining of the process that ensures data is recorded while speeding production operations.

Our Quality module goes beyond recording information from manual processes. Testing data can be manually recorded by human workers or it can be automatically recorded by machines in the production process. Both test results are recorded in real time into the same database. That means all testing data can be analyzed from the same database to give managers a complete picture of a production line’s quality performance

Multiple Testing procedures

No manufacturing operation is the same as another, and neither are the testing procedures. MV2 is designed to support a variety of test functions and data types. The module offers configurations from simple pass-fail testing to more advanced, multi-step processes that record specific dimensions, performance numbers or qualitative notes operators provide to describe the part and its operation.

MV2 also allows the ability to retest parts and track them. Parts can also be reworked and reintroduced into the testing process to determine if the parts can continue on the production process. MV2 makes allowances for both of these conditions and can be set to register when either occurs. This information is saved to the job order or the part itself.

Managing the testing process

Making sure the part is tested correctly and the right data is recorded is paramount. The MV2 Quality module has the depth of ability to provide the data collection needed, as well as the process management capabilities to make sure it’s done to plan.

In terms of management, MV2 Quality offers flexible control plan design, testing, non-conformance management and data extract capabilities. The module has robust control plan design capabilities, from supporting separate versions & multi-level control plans to sample sizing and attachment of work center characteristics. MV2 control plan testing abilities covers assuring tester identity, captures testing equipment, comments and enables documentation. The Quality module’s non-conformance report (NCR) management offers automatic & manual NCR creation, assigns defect codes, sends email notifications, and more.

The MV2 Quality module does more than record test data. It becomes the place to go when testing process documentation needs to be found. Just like for production processes, MV2 Quality is designed to manage test procedures, set up diagrams and even videos of the testing process. This material is immediately available to staff on the line and for training purposes. When a test is selected, this information becomes available to the operator to review. MV2 Quality also provides this data before the process is selected so workers can get the necessary jigs, tools or other materials ready before testing the part.

This test procedure documentation resides on the MV2 server. That means there’s only one place where updating needs to be done – no more chasing around the floor to make sure processes are updated and workers are using the latest versions.

Gated testing capabilities

These tests can be built in a gate format where the test needs to be carried out before an operator or machine may move to the next step in the production process. This helps ensure that the production process is followed correctly. Multiple tests can be added to a work center to ensure highly complex components are built properly. MV2 Quality can also interact with scanning and data capture systems to record imagery or other complex formats to document the stages of the production process. These advanced gated stages can be crucial for reviewing warranty data or to get in front of potential end user issues from a batch of incorrectly built components.

Testing throughout the facility

Quality doesn’t start on the production line. It starts when materials are brought into the facility. MV2’s Quality Module is ready to handle these testing operations. The module has built-in processes that records the testing of these materials to supplier codes, purchase orders or warehouse locations with the same granularity it provides in the production setting. That means not only do manufacturers have a complete production record of a part’s performance, they can connect that performance to incoming materials quality. Should performance issues in the field develop, they have a better opportunity to track failures back to specific material orders, suppliers or specifications.

Tracking and metrics

All this acquired quality data can be stored against a particular job or work order. It can also be recorded to individual part serial numbers or batch numbers. This provides both plant managers and purchasing personnel the ability to track the performance of parts, processes and materials through the shop floor and connect them to suppliers and shipments.

As test data is saved to the same server as production data, this test information can be reviewed in real time or on a historical basis. Managers can see over time if part production is diverging from set thresholds and act accordingly. MV2 offers alerts that can be set when certain quality metrics pass out of conformance, so managers can respond quickly to issues rather than finding out hours into a faulty process. The Quality module can also be accessed via mobile device to further enhance a manager’s ability to understand when a situation arises and respond no matter where they are on the floor.

If your firm is looking to get a greater understanding of how production operations are performing or to track quality more closely, MV2 might be the solution you need. Contact us today to learn how MV2 can help with your specific operations.

MV2 is Paper-Less' Premiere MES Software for the Microsoft Space. 

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