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Production Module

MV2 Production Module

Manufacturing is a complex system with several inputs and outputs. To effectively manage a production operation you need an overarching system that can marshal those inputs, outputs and the complexity in between them. That’s where MV2’s Production Module comes in. It is designed to give managers and supervisors unparalleled visibility into shop floor operations and the ability to manage virtually all aspects from a single platform to increased manufacturing velocity.

MV2 provides this visibility and velocity by providing the manager with several functionalities to manage manufacturing operations. Below are a few these functionalities.

Job tracking

The MV2 Module provides the ability to digitally log manufacturing activities whether it be machine tracking or labor tracking. The MES collects that information in a database that provides managers with both a real time understanding as well as a rich data set of historical information.

The module makes it possible to electronically log worker’s job-ons and job-offs. This can be done directly in the work cell where the process is happening. Further, the system allows the worker to assign time to setup, indirect time, downtime or simply running the job. The system can also directly log parts made, materials consumed and scrap made.  The software can do this for individual workers as well as for work groups.

MV2 production can be connected directly to production machines as well. The module can record all the above information from the machines, whether they have operators or not. This data is placed in the same database as labor tracking. That means managers and supervisors have the ability to look at floor production operations as one system, as well as to see performance metrics in real time – not from collations at the end of the day or week.

Job Sequencing

Shop floor job scheduling system

The MV2 Production Module can receive orders directly from a firm’s ERP system, but it allows managers the ability to sequence all the order’s processes throughout the floor. The module’s sequencing tool provides this capability. It’s click and drag interactivity lets managers see visually the utilization rates of every process on the floor and order operations accordingly. Managers can change the job order as the need arises and MV2 can electronically communicate those in real time to the shop floor.

When a firm is not running an electronic shop floor management system, it can take a long time for word to reach a manager. That elapsed time of messaging can exasperate issues more than the original event. Since the sequencing and reporting are in real time, managers can be more responsive to adverse conditions. The production sequencer gives the manager the ability to react quickly to down machines, labor issues or material shortages.

Job Information Management

MV2 production can take digital production management well beyond job and process scheduling. The production module contains all the functionality needed to fully digitize the shop floor work instruction or traveler operation.

Instead of collecting and printing out work orders and the relevant drawings and support documents for each order, MV2 can manage digital copies of these files. Instead of each job packet having a paper-based life of their own, MV2 stores them in a database. These files need only be updated in one location. Should there be changes, all locations using the files will be updated as soon as the database is. That means no more chasing around the floor looking for old or incomplete work instructions.

The module can distribute the needed work instructions to each work center. The distribution can be tied to when the job is scheduled in that work center. That means the correct work instructions are moving with the correct job and all managed from one central point. This reduces the need for supervisory oversight to make sure operators are receiving the correct instructions for the job and aren’t waiting for those instructions to arrive.

These are just a few of the functionalities the Production Module of MV2 brings to manufacturers. Contact us today to learn more about how MV2 can help your firm get the most out of its operations.

MV2 is Paper-Less' Premiere MES Software for the Microsoft Space. 

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