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MV2 Kanban Module

Modern Kanban process management

Kanban is highly intertwined with Lean Manufacturing. The Kanban pull process was developed in the last century to be operated by shuffling inventory request cards around the shop floor to reduce over production. Today, the MV2 Manufacturing Execution System uses modern technologies to take Kanban to the next level of operational performance.

MV2’s Kanban module performs all the process’s functions digitally. That transition provides a number of improvements and benefits to shop floor production.

Digital Kanban management & efficiency

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When Kanban moves from paper to electronic processes, it gains a number of benefits. Digital cards are not lost on the floor. They’re not filled out incorrectly by workers or supervisors and they’re not slowed down by human processes moving them around the floor. That means the potential for slow, incorrect or incomplete data is vastly mitigated with MV2 running the Kanban process.

In the MV2 digital Kanban system, Managers or supervisors can build the Kanban loops in the production control software. From there, the cards are delivered electronically to work centers and inventory operations immediately or only when needed.

Managers can also modify, duplicate or delete cards and loops as necessary. Those changes include modifying the range of types and configurations available in the base Kanban module. When done, they are assured those changes replicate across the entire shop floor immediately – no more chasing down old cards.

On the floor, operators can manage a lot of the Kanban process without having to leave their areas or call for runners or supervisors. Workers can verify bin condition and execute new pull requests from touchscreens located within the work center. They can generate labels from that same console. With more in-depth integration, these processes could simply be automated where workers won’t even have to manage the process. Instead machine tracking and barcodes can take the place of manual updates.

Kanban alerts and level monitoring

MV2’s Kanban Module helps managers stay on top of shop floor inventory and production operations in several ways. As the pull process is fully electronic, the Kanban request cards can be set up with inventory threshold levels. These levels can be easily set and adjusted by mangers to account for production and inventory situations.

When these thresholds are tripped, MV2 can send out emails to alert managers and supervisors of potential or impending shortages that could cause production slowdowns or stoppages. These emails are designed to be delivered to a manager’s mobile device or desktop to make sure those individuals are alerted to issues wherever they may be in the facility.

OF course, the alerts aren’t just about critical situations, The MV2 Kanban module can also be set up to deliver updates on when pull requests are sent, refilled and when full bins scanned into production processes. This provides supervisors and managers real time updates on shop floor operations.

Kanban process analysis

As the Kanban process is now operated through the MV2 manufacturing execution system, all the data from the process is recorded in its database for deeper analysis. It’s also available in real time for managers to peruse.

Kanban bin availability Chart tracks cards and materials

MV2 Kanban module comes with pre-made analysis tools to understand how the process is functioning over time. Charting tools are included to watch inventory availability, Kanban card fulfillment metrics and inventory stores versus pull requests over time. These tools and the ability to build out MV2 with custom features provides managers next-level understanding of how the manufacturing operations are performing and potentially uncover issues before they become problems.

If you’re looking to get more out of your Kanban production inventory and scheduling, going digital is the best way to see those gains. It also offers even greater visibility into those processes. Contact us today to learn more about what can be achieved by moving to a digital Kanban system.

MV2 is Paper-Less' Premiere MES Software for the Microsoft Space. 

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