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IIoT and MES

Get the most out of your IIoT investments with MV2 MES

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is all about collecting data – lots of data. But what good is having
all this data if it doesn’t do anything to make your production operations faster, more flexible, more
efficient or less error prone?

That’s where MV2 comes in. Our Manufacturing Execution Software (MES) collects that data in real time
for immediate analysis. The MV2 system not only records production data from a variety of disparate
sources including machine performance metrics, manual process productivity and inventory
movements, it’s designed to be an `always on’ system that continues to collect valuable information
regardless of whether other systems, like a firm’s ERP is online.

At its core, MV2 builds an accessible IIoT data storage database that can be used to analyze your
production operations with a far greater level of granularity. Bringing production data together in one
place means comparisons and associations can be made that would not have been available with paper
methods or extraordinarily difficult without a central location to find and keep the data.

Our MV2 MES can put that data to work to help find inefficiencies, understand how your workforce
really works and more accurately manage materials. This leads to much more effective job scheduling
and machine utilization. It can also shed light on the real culprits of bottlenecks and production failure

In terms of real value, we’ve seen customer’s who’ve reduced data entry by almost 54% with the
system, tracked their labor with 63% greater accuracy and others who’ve been able to reduce scrap
rates by over 27%, just by more effectively mining their shop floor data streams with the effectiveness
that only MV2 can provide – and these are just a few of the areas where managing IIoT data with MV2
can show results.

If your firm is looking at getting the most from their IIoT efforts, contact us today. Our consultants and
engineers can provide on-site analysis of your operations and develop a wining execution that finds that
next-level performance IIoT has promised.


MV2 is Paper-Less' Premiere MES Software for the Microsoft Space. 

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