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Master Your Manufacturing Operations with MV2-MES

MV2 is Paper-Less' Premiere Cloud-based MES Software. 

Factory automation systems can only take you so far by themselves. When these systems are managed in concert, next level production efficiency can be had.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) like MV2 provide a wholistic understanding of the production floor and its operation. From registering the performance of every machine, to managing materials, the workforce and work in progress throughout the process. MV2 is the MES platform that can make all these systems work in concert – without chasing paperwork or collating disparate data sources by hand. This ability allows managers to make educated decisions, extracting the greatest amount of throughput and quality out of a facility.

MV2 provides that next level.


Organizing and managing all connected shop floor operations from your desk or on the move. MV2 is always on and can be operated from desktops, laptops, tablets or mobile devices.


Analyzing the entire production operation from one application. MV2 interfaces with new and most legacy production systems – down to the PLC if necessary, finally bringing all that data to one place.


Comparing metrics over time to identify slowing processes or increasing machine downtimes from real-time data acquisition abilities for the entire plant floor. 


Monitoring manual operations and integrating these processes with machine operations to offer a complete picture of production workflow.


Reducing idled processes and aligning production closer to sales orders. Optimize manufacturing operations to available materials, work-in-process and customer demand quicker and more efficiently.

As a trusted and experienced business partner, Paper-Less can not only fully integrate MV2 implementations on your shop floor, but we also provide long term support and in-house applications programming capabilities to further customize the system to your needs.

If you’re looking to take your production systems to the next level of control and efficiency, contact us today to learn more about the MV2 manufacturing execution system.

“MV2 has saved us thousands of dollars.  The main features we use are labor reporting, barcodes and wireless devices.  This gave us the mobility to do inventory transactions without paper. 

We now have visibility." -Paper-Less User

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