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MV2 ERP Compatibility

MV2 ERP Compatibility

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are the software platforms that sit between Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and the work performed on the shop floor. While the two software products seem to overlap in their function, they usually go about things differently in their operation. This is especially true in how the systems handle data and manage processes. As a firm with nearly 40 years of experience in ERP & MES systems, we’re able to put these differences in data handling to work in making the MV2 MES system compatible with a number of ERP systems.

MV2 MES manufacturing monitoring system production processes

The important difference that helps with compatibility revolves around each system’s reporting needs. The MV2 manufacturing execution system operates on data from the production floor in real time. Whereas the typical ERP system does not require as up-to-the-minute updates to do its job properly.

The data reporting differences come from the ERP’s position as an overall corporate planning system that operates in longer time horizons; while the MES systems are designed specifically to manage the day-to-day, hour-to-hour or even minute-to-minute operations on the shop floor. This real-time data provides production managers and supervisors the information necessary to make the right decisions as quickly as possible. To do so, the MES must gather and operate on real time data. For ERP systems, daily or even weekly updates are only needed to keep the entire company’s planning processes up to date.

The differences in data needs for the shop floor creates a situation where the MES records data nearly continuously. MV2 is built to be ‘always on’ recording that information regardless of the state of the ERP system. That means the MES needs its own database to keep up. And this database makes for the perfect access point for many ERP systems. Through the standard database queries most ERP systems can perform, information is available for the ERP when the software needs it. This reduces the need for the ERP to be highly integrated with the MES.

While on the MES side, this ERP system compatibility is essential for bringing a production management system to a firm with a pre-existing ERP, this MES operational independence also lowers the barriers to ERP transitions in the future. Having an MES like MV2 installed in the production floor means the firm will not have to replace the MES when the time comes to transition to a new enterprise resource management provider, as many ERP systems can access MV2 data inherently.

As an example of the MV2 manufacturing execution system’s ERP independence, it has been tested and integrated with a number of ERP systems.



If your ERP system is not featured above, rest assured, our ISE integration services are highly experienced at seamlessly connecting MV2 shop floor management functionality to other ERP systems. Contact us today to learn about what’s possible with MV2 and your enterprise resource planning system.

MV2 is Paper-Less' Premiere MES Software for the Microsoft Space. 

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