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Business Benefit of Modularity

Have it your way… select the applications you need to accomplish current demands, and add more as your goals or needs require.


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Transitioning to a truly digital manufacturing operation is a daunting task. The process of getting operations to report information properly can be a challenge all by itself. While it would be great to instrument all systems at the same time, there are many issues that stand in the way of that ideal. The same is true in getting an overarching Manufacturing Execution System (MES) in place to collect and analyze all that shop floor data.

Finding the correct MES for your operations has many benefits, including modularity to grow with your company’s needs. With MV2 MES, adding functionality can be done incrementally, just like the process of digitization for the production floor. MV2’s modular architecture allows firms to integrate the monitoring and control aspects they need right away, without having to pay for functionality that won’t be utilized until later phases of the transition.

At its core, MV2 is an MES system that’s’ comprised of 6 modules that specialize in certain areas of manufacturing, inventory monitoring and control operations, including Production, Inventory, Attendance, Kanban, Quality and KPI’s and Dashboards. These interlocking components are designed to be added when needed, whether it’s all of them at the onset, or incrementally over time as operations grow and a greater understanding of the manufacturing process comes about.

Being modular in nature, MV2 can reduce cost exposure at the onset. Firms can start with a base set of modules matching the level of integration they’re ready for, or the selected modules could coincide with the level of reporting capability the firm currently has. As new reporting abilities come online, like more detailed data acquisition from manual processes, the firm could add in the the Attendance module to get a better understanding of labor utilization. Or when the firm is ready to integrate inventory operations, the MV2 Inventory module could be added to bring these aspects together with production for a more complete understanding of the facility’s manufacturing operations.

If your firm is either in the process of IIoT implementation or has attained a level where you’d like to see that data work for you, contact us today to learn how our modular approach to shopfloor monitoring & control can grow with you.

MV2 is Paper-Less' Premiere MES Software for the Microsoft Space. 

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