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KPI's & Dashboards

KPI's & Dashboards

No longer are firms forced to manually update production and rate boards; pour over Excel spreadsheets to assess downtime; interrogate paper-based log sheets to determine the issues negatively impacting the business. The MV2 KPI and Dashboard feature will provide your organization with effective insight and tools to better manage your production operations.


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The KPI and Dashboard feature is designed to leverage shop floor reporting already taking place in the MV2 manufacturing Execution System (MES). Developed in conjunction with customer feedback, the module works with key production metrics to improve the visibility across production operations and drive improvement across your organization, including:

  • Providing immediate feedback to production operators and area supervisors
  • Elimination of manual updates to production boards and the lag or potential errors human processes bring.
  • Seeing trends, based on actual production data preserved in historical data tables, to determine trends and potential issues before they arise.


KPI and Dashboards - Features & Benefits

Real-Time Updates

As reporting takes place in Paper-Less MV2, the KPI and Dashboard feature "watches" these transactions and immediately delivers updates across the targeted work center(s) Dashboard. The KPI and Dashboard extends the MES footprint to eliminate disparate systems needed to manage production operations.


See Your Data Your Way

This feature provides significant configuration options to personalize your experience including:

  • Selectable Chart Types
  • Custom Date Range Capability
  • Target Work center, if needed
  • Good Pieces versus scrap count metrics
  • Specify Single or Multiple Work center dashboards
  • Active customers receive new updates as they are developed


Current KPIs metrics support

  • Job and Workcenter performance
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metrics
  • OEE: Performance/Quality/Availability numbers
  • Quality Defect Code reporting
  • Downtime indicators
  • Machines status and performance indicators

MV2 is Paper-Less' Premiere MES Software for the Microsoft Space. 

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