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Hybrid Cloud

Business Benefit of Hybrid Cloud

MV2 allows flexibility in your Cloud strategy, supporting both Cloud and On-Prem deployments.

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Conversations around how to host critical business systems is taking place across every sector and around the world. The question revolves around what’s best for the firm now and in the future. A firm could host locally where their IT staff has absolute control or keep things in the cloud where most of the necessary updates and service can be done remotely - without overtaxing the IT department’s limited resources. These factors are weighed against the benefits of being somewhere in the middle, a “hybrid” approach. Sometimes this conversation comes down to the question of what packages can be installed where and how much difficulty is involved in each plan.

With the MV2 Manufacturing Execution System (MES), this answer can be virtually any hosting strategy. Our MES can be installed on-site on a firm’s own servers, in the cloud on standardized platforms like Azure; or in a combination, where it supports both a company’s onsite systems and ones that reside primarily in the cloud.  MV2 does all these configurations without having to compromise its utility, reliability of reporting or shop floor control.

With many firms in the process of migrating exclusively to the cloud, we understand this migration could be counted in months or years. MV2 can transition with the company as it moves forward into remote hosting. The MES can be initially installed on-site. When the firm is ready, it can be moved into cloud hosting to coincide with the company’s other systems. This can be done without the disruption of learning new software or the trials of integrating a different system into the company’s technology stack.

ISE & PaperLess takes it a step further by not only offering cloud-based hosting but the ability to provide MV2 software monitoring, updates and even on-site integration services. We can keep track of MV2s performance and maintain the most up-to-date code. While also providing the ability to enhance its performance through specialized plugins and configurations that more closely fit your production operations through our XTend services.

Whether you’re looking for a shop floor management system that is ready to transition to the cloud or retains the security and control of being hosted on your own servers, contact us today. MV2 is ready to take you through all steps of that journey. Our highly experienced staff can help guide your firm towards the right decisions making your implementation a success.

MV2 is Paper-Less' Premiere MES Software for the Microsoft Space. 

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