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ERP Portability

Business Benefit of ERP Portability

Small or Large, Single site or Multiple sites it doesn’t matter; MV2 gives you flexibility to expand your MES solution as your business grows.


The ideal scenario for ERP transition is no loss in productivity during the changeover.  Having an MES system directly tied to the ERP makes this ideal unlikely. But other modern MES platforms, such as MV2 by Paper-Less, have the capacity to integrate to multiple ERP systems. Paper-Less has built upon its deep integration with various ERP platforms in the past, taking advantage of that experience to design in portability into MV2. This capacity provides your company options - why change 2 items when you only need to change 1? MV2 MES can be your constant, and adjust to the new ERP with you.

Beyond providing the least possible impact to your shop floor’s up time during transitions, the proper MES orientation provides other benefits. MV2’s “ERP Portability” provides a company advantages many don’t initially realize.


Read more about The Advantages and ERP Portability here. 


When making big decisions, like switching to a different ERP, forethought and planning can save additional headaches… and most importantly avoid non-productive shop floor time!

MV2 is Paper-Less' Premiere MES Software for the Microsoft Space. 

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