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MV2 is Always On

Business Benefit of Always On

Manufacturing 24/7… then your MES should be “Always On.” MV2 allows constant communication, and real-time shop floor information regardless of ERP status.


Data has quickly become the lifeblood of manufacturing operations. It informs firms on what’s happening now and provides insight into what went on in the past.  Put both together in an accurate & digestible manner and an astute manager may just head off expensive and time-consuming problems in the future.

Today’s industrial facilities, especially those in small and medium sized companies, have a variety of reporting hardware to collect data from. These systems and machines may provide data in bursts, in real time or some timeframe in between. To use all this data, the firm needs a management system that can collect it all in one place with high reliability.

MV2 Manufacturing Execution Software (MES) solves the challenge of reliably collecting and analyzing production data. The MES collects needed operational data directly from machines and production operations regardless of whether Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other systems are online or not. In instances where that dialog with upper-level business systems is down (whether scheduled or unplanned), MV2 can keep your shop floor operating efficiently.

For example, when ERP data is not accessible, possibly for planned reasons like maintenance or updates, or in the unfortunate downtime instance of an error or outage, MV2 continues. It’s “always on,” continuing to monitor, check and save the information you need. And MV2 continues checking in on your ERP, actively ready to re-establish data flow in both directions upon the ERP or other systems coming back online.

As the MV2 system collects and stores production data directly from the shop floor, MV2 MES provides the production manager with real time information to understand exactly how production operations are performing. Getting its information directly from the source, MV2 also allows the manager to make informed decisions faster and more accurately than waiting for information to be updated or collated information from manual reporting.

If you’re looking for an accurate, real-time understanding of your production processes through an up-to-date information monitoring and control system that’s always on - contact us today to learn how MV2 can provide that capability at a fraction of the cost of the typical automation cell.

MV2 is Paper-Less' Premiere MES Software for the Microsoft Space. 

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