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Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) & Your Shop Floor

Today’s production floor is usually a compilation of machines, automated systems and manual operations. Each of these speaks their own language and creates their own data streams. Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) like MV2 bring all these disparate processes and data together in one place. This effectively gives the manufacturing engineer or plant manager a complete understanding of the current state and effectiveness of the entire production operation.

Monitor ALL Aspects of the Manufacturing Process

In collecting this data, MES systems can directly interact with production machines and processes down to the SCADA and PLC level. With the addition of scanners and easy to operate user interfaces on the floor, they can also record production information on human-based operations. That means MES systems sit right above the actual manufacturing process and record all its data in real time.

Make Better Decisions

Having the ability to collect data from the whole manufacturing process (including inventory and WIP routing) allows a manager to understand the utilization, bottlenecks and performance of every system on the floor – and as one system.

Manufacturing Execution Systems allow that manager to make more educated decisions on how best to schedule resources, increase efficiency and potentially identify issues before they manifest.

Manage Documents & Speed Information Flow

Manufacturing Execution Systems can offer other benefits to production operations. As a completely digital system, MES removes the need to keep information on paper-based processes. With the goal of reduced errors, it also helps take the human out of the reporting process. Data is taken directly from scanners, sensors and machines immediately instead of waiting for information to be written, transferred, signed-off and re-keyed into a reporting system. MES also pushes routing information, production orders, BOMs and more directly to where it’s needed.

These abilities not only save clerical errors and confusion, they increase the speed and throughput a production operation can attain.

Seamlessly Connect the Floor to the Front Office

Modern MES can interact directly with corporate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to transfer production data to other aspects of the company, including purchasing, shipping and executive leadership.

In short, Manufacturing Execution Systems can make every system in the company more efficient. Contact us today to learn how MV2 can make your shop floor operations more efficient!


These are only a small sample of how MES can streamline and enhance production operations. If you’re considering moving to a Manufacturing Execution System, contact Paper-Less today to learn more about what can be done with your operation or check out our MV2 MES and learn what’s possible!

MV2 is Paper-Less' Premiere MES Software for the Microsoft Space. 


Analyzing the entire production operation from one application. MV2 interfaces with new and most legacy production systems – down to the PLC if necessary, finally bringing all that data to one place.

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