IQM brings control, consistency, and predictability to your product lifecycle and supply management activities, so you can bring products to market faster, with superior quality performance.

What is it?

Continuous improvement starts with strong knowledge management. With IQM, you can consolidate data into a single, unified quality management system (QMS), eliminating duplicate data entries and ensuring compliance in the process. Using IQM’s built-in analytics and reporting tools, you can pull data from purchase & work orders, and gain valuable insight into how to reduce defects while driving continuous improvement through statistical process control (SPC).

Infor Quality Management Modules

IQM features

Why IQM?

Gain system-wide visibility and control

   Nonconformance and quality traceability to detect, assign, and track continuous improvement activities using complete problem-solving details

   Corrective actions and eight discipline reports to manage assignments and performance

   Tracking, documentation, and scheduling of devices and test equipment for calibration

   Document management and data management for centralized location, change history, and document audits for electronic and physical documents

Supports Industry Standards

   ISO 9001 & ISO 9004: Int'l quality management & performance improvement std's

   AS9100: Aerospace Industry

   ISO/TS 16949: Automotive industry

   cGMP: Current Good Manufacturing Practices, FDA

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IQM - Introductory Demo
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Streamlining Compliance & Regulatory Requirements with IQM


Infor Quality Management (IQM) 


Improve Productivity & Gain Competitive Advantage.

Infor Quality Management (IQM) 

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