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We have developed MES software, which has been used by production and warehouse facilities for nearly 30 years to allow them to accurately monitor and get the most out of their operations. Paper-Less systems are compatible with two of the leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.

What is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES)?

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a software platform that connects, monitors, and coordinates complex manufacturing systems, data flows, as well as people on your shop floor.
An ideal Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software solution covers all shop floor operational processes across a network of factories: tracking/genealogy, process management, resource allocation, quality, labor & scheduling, machine maintenance & more.
It improves enterprise visibility and aids communication from the shop floor to and from ERP, from machine to machine, department to department, and from plant to plant.  Ultimately an MES helps ensure effective manufacturing operations and improves production output.

Specific benefits for manufacturers who implement an MES:

Improve on-time manufacturing 

Operation supervisors have a real-time view of shift performance and potential problems that could arise.

Increase visibility into manufacturing

Have the access you desire (onsight or off-site) and the visibility into your production floor you need to make immediate decisions wisely.

Eliminate manual processes

Maintain the intuitiveness of paper routing or travelers, but limit the delays and errors of paper.

Increase production speed

Our MES systems actively track which areas of the manufacturing process are working efficiently, and which machines need improvement.

Decrease rework & scrap

Remove guessing & hesitation in production by having access to directions, schematics, videos & more - Do the job right the 1st time!

Foster employee collaboration & improve morale

Connect your staff through our MES systems to foster cross-communication between different departments.

Our Products

MV2 – MES For Microsoft Dynamics

Paper-Less has utilized our extensive MES background to develop MV2, a software platform that runs natively on Microsoft Dynamics. Our new system is purpose-built to connect Production Operations with Dynamics. This gives businesses an integrated solution from planning to production and beyond.

MES for XA - MES for Infor XA

We have pioneered MES systems on the Infor platform. The MES software we developed for Infor's XA ERP was one of the first on the platform, and we have made sure it remains leading-edge. The underlying operation, reliability, and customization capabilities continue to make it a top choice for MES on the XA platform.

Learn about how MES integrates and extends ERP systems. We dive into the interconnections between both systems and how shop floor management data collection and control can support better business.

Learn how to boost manufacturing shop floor production throughput and efficiency with a manufacturing management system like Paper-Less MV2.

Digital transformation for manufacturing operations starts with the industrial internet of things, but it needs a central location to capture and process the data coming in. Learn how using MES software can enhance throughput and efficiency by managing shop floor IIoT information.

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How Our MES Solutions Connect to the Next Industrial Revolution

Industry 4.0 Explained

Industry 4.0 marks the fourth industrial revolution which is the integration of cyber-physical systems, hardware, and software that advances cross-communication capabilities.

In simple terms industry, 4.0 is the growing trend toward data exchange and automation within the manufacturing industry.

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Digital transformation in manufacturing is strengthening traditional manufacturing processes with the integration of digital technology.

The main goals of digital transformation are to improve efficiency, quality of goods, customer experience, upgrade decision-making capabilities, and reduce costs.

As companies expand product lines there are a lot of new challenges arise. Digital transformation can help you get ahead of many of these.

Big Data in Manufacturing

Big data is high-volume data sets that are gathered through multiple channels describing a business’s functions on a day-to-day basis. A modern factory consists of various machines and devices that generate performance tracking data.

At Paper-Less, we have created an ultramodern, fully integrated MES suite to support your manufacturing environment called MV2. The MV2 software works with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to manage production and send large amounts of dependable data.

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